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Did ‘Game Of Thrones’ Just Copy ‘Shrek’?

Published on August 18th, 2017 | Updated on August 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

This season of Game of Thrones has been intense! Rather than waiting weeks for major events to happen, each episode has hit us with one major plot point after another. But did this week’s episode just throw us the biggest curveball of all?

It has long been rumored that Jon Snow is a secret Targaryen and his encounter this week with the mighty Drogon seems to have confirmed that even more. In an interview with E! News, Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) commented that the scene was comparable to how humans and animals establish a lasting bond of trust; and Emilia Clark (Daenerys) later added that seeing how Jon interacts with Drogon is an incredibly attractive quality to Daenerys. So could this whole scene also confirm another long time fan theory that Jon and Daenerys are the one true power couple?

Perhaps, but an insightful fan pointed out some shocking similarities from that fateful meeting and it might completely change how we look at Game Of Thrones.

As The Pixel Factor pointed out in the above gif, the first meeting between Jon and Drogon is almost identical to the Dragon and Donkey meeting in Shrek. Though the claim that Donkey is Jon Snow’s father is just ridiculous. Look at that inquisitive look, that sniff, that slow blink. There is a bond forming here that not even Valerian Steel could break! So let me ask you: Have we been shipping the wrong couple all along?

We have seen A LOT in this show, and if Jaime and Cersei can (somewhat) make it work while still pushing small children out windows, who’s to say a crazy kid and his waifu’s dragon can’t get together! And sure, we might not know what the kids would look like, but you have to admit they’d be the most Targaryen Targaryens ever!

But what do you think? Could Jon and Drogon be the true power couple? Does Daenerys know The Muffin Man? Did this silly gif and article brighten up your day? Sound off in the comments below!


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