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Did an Error Reveal the Theme for Season 6 of American Horror Story?

Published on September 2nd, 2016 | Updated on September 2nd, 2016 | By FanFest

Fans of American Horror Story started receiving trailers for season 6 not long ago, and true to the show’s form, they were both frightening and attention grabbing.  The big difference between season 6 and the ones before it, however, is that each trailer that gets released seems to be eluding to something completely different!

There were previews depicting everything from a terrifying – and swampy – blind date to an all wrong surgical recovery and even creepy children in various settings (Ryan Murphy did say to expect children in an element for season 6).  All of these trailers were intriguing, but the most thought-provoking part came when viewers started to realize that they were being toyed with.

While previews in seasons past were vague, there has never been this dedicated of a plan to keep viewers in the dark.  This specific ‘dark’ has been interesting, scary, and has certainly created a buzz but fans are anxious and ready to see which trailer has given insight to the road they’ll be traveling down in less than two weeks.

What exactly could Ryan Murphy have cooked up that prompted him to go to such extreme lengths to keep season 6 a secret?

Unfortunately, an error may have given it all away as TV Guide and RottenTomatoes both revealed that season 6 is labeled American Horror Story: The Mist.

You have to wonder, with Murphy taking as much time as he did to create this many misdirects to keep fans guessing; would there really be an error allowed this late in the game?  On the other hand, if the error was truly a misprint that gave away the label of the season; does it tell us everything, or is The Mist just the beginning of the horror that fans will be subjected to during this season?

The one constant in this whole riddle of sorts is that upon the season’s premiere, viewers will at least begin to understand where the season will lead.  Until then, we’re all left guessing.

American Horror Story returns on September 14th at 10 pm on FX.

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