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Devon Murray and Luke Youngblood Reveal Who Were the Biggest Pranksters on the Set of ‘Harry Potter’

Published on August 18th, 2018 | Updated on August 18th, 2018 | By FanFest

Devon Murray and Luke Youngblood Reveal Who Were the Biggest Pranksters on the Set of Harry Potter

During LeakyCon 2018 in Dallas, Devon Murray (Seamus Finnagan) and Luke Youngblood (Lee Jordan) told stories about being kids on the set of Harry Potter, including who would continuously cut up and pull pranks. Not surprisingly, James and Oliver Phelps, who played Fred and George Weasley, were two of the worst.

Youngblood said that he was always roped into their pranks, claiming that he didn’t want to do it. He recalled a story the twins would tell people regarding a pockmark on James Phelps’ cheek. They kept up a ruse for 5 years in which they led someone to believe that he got the mark while trespassing on a farmer’s land. When the farmer saw them, he pulled out his BB gun and shot James in the face.

Youngblood then told the story of the time the twins put a tree in the dressing room he shared with Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas). To this day, Youngblood has no idea how they managed to get the tree in there and without anyone seeing. But upon finding it, he knew that they had to get the twins back. He enlisted the help of Enoch to get his revenge.

“So we went down to set and Alfie was there all, [covers one eye and groans]. And I said, ‘Did you hear? Someone put a tree in our room and Alfie tripped over and poked his eye. And I just don’t know how we’re going to get to keep filming.’ The blood just drained from their faces. I knew it was them, I knew it was them! Then Alfie couldn’t keep it up because he started laughing. Because he’s such a smiler. It was just those kinds of things back and forth all the time.”

Youngblood and Murray agreed that they somehow managed to get away with so much while on set, but it was the adults who were sometimes the worst. When filming Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Murray recounted a prank pulled by Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid, that involved him. It was the first day back on set and Coltrane grabbed Murray and put Band-aids all over his face, then sent him to hair and make-up. Naturally, it caused a panic, which got the producers involved.

“And all the producers came runnin’. Robbie Coltrane goes runnin’. Robbie’s like, ‘I’m not gettin’ in trouble for this!’ So I’m sittin’ there, actually thinking, “S–, I just lost my job. That’s it. I’m gone.” I’m just sweating….Terrified. So they come down and are like, ‘What happened?’ ‘I fell off a horse.’ They’re like, ‘Seriously?’ ‘Yeah.’ So then Robbie comes in and he’s breaking his bullocks laughing, and was like, ‘It was just me, it was me.’ So I didn’t get in trouble. I didn’t lose my job. And I got to finish all the Harry Potter movies.”

Murray then added that Jason Isaacs and Ralph Fiennes (Lucius Malfoy and Lord Voldemort, respectively) were the two biggest kids he’d ever met in his life.

Both Murray and Youngblood can’t believe how much they got away with, and say that you certainly can’t do some of what they did anymore.


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