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Despite Their Absurdity, The Walking Dead’s Zombie Variants are Still Superb

Published on April 3rd, 2023 | Updated on April 3rd, 2023 | By FanFest

Zombies have become a major component of The Walking Dead, and even though they still don’t make total sense when it comes to logic, the advantages of super-zombies surpass any potential drawbacks. During its 13 year tenure on AMC television as an iconic franchise, The Walking Dead has featured only slow-moving zombies that lacked smarts and acted like mindless animals. This all changed in the post-credits scene at the end of Season 2 from The Walking Dead: World Beyond; not only was there mention of variant zombies by name but also a recently turned corpse shown quickly moving towards a door while hammering away with obvious enthusiasm!

The Walking Dead season 11 has once again demonstrated its innovation by introducing the zombie variant thread – zombies that are shrewd, swift, and powerful. This twist actually makes sense of previous seasons’ more sophisticated walkers as well! Even though they aren’t all equipped with these qualities at one time, watching them climb vehicles and using tools to protect themselves will certainly keep viewers on their toes. Before, these peculiarities were credited to the fact that The Walking Dead did not yet have all of their zombie regulations properly established. But with this new variant twist, an internal narrative was finally provided! Variants will be a huge part of the many future spinoffs for The Walking Dead, and although there are multiple issues linked to them, ultimately it is going to be beneficial.

New Walker "Variant" on The Walking Dead? Why Change Now?

How Zombie Variants Happened Makes No Sense

Although The Walking Dead has yet to clarify the basis for variants, season 11’s variant encounters hint that zombies could have been adapting and learning after more than 10 years of being inactive. This theory does not align with the variants in The Walking Dead’s first season which had no time to develop such skills. Moreover, Dr. Jenner’s appearance in The Walking Dead: World Beyond affirmed that variants were already present in Europe at onset of the outbreak – a fact that precludes evolution as an explanation.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s conclusion undeniably suggests that the variant zombies were created by mistake, an unfortunate result of seeking a cure. This is proven when the gunman accuses one scientist, declaring “You started this… then you made it worse.” While this theory may explain how season 1 introduced these creatures to begin with, it raises another conundrum – why did they go missing for so long? If advanced undead have been around since the beginning, it makes no sense they would vanish for 10 seasons then suddenly become more prominent.

Despite the various explanations proposed to explain how zombie variants emerged in The Walking Dead, none of them appear to be convincing. In light of the current evidence, it appears that a variant mutation likely came from Europe during the early stages of the outbreak but was not powerful enough for it to become widespread. Then at some point near season 11’s finale, more survivors might have travelled from Europe and re-introduced this mutant virus into America.This time it caught hold, and led to a sharp increase of smart, fast, glass-smashing zombies. Even this, however, sounds like a wild stretch for The Walking Dead.

Why Walking Dead Was Right To Introduce Variants (Despite Plot Holes)

Despite the recent underwhelming twist on The Walking Dead‘s zombies, these new super-zombie additions are still exciting to follow and a great addition to the undead lore. It is quite remarkable that AMC has been able to stretch out content involving zombies across four shows over the span of more than 10 years. Although viewership ratings have dropped steadily in recent times, this could be attributed partly to zombie fatigue becoming an issue for audiences. To keep AMC’s Walking Dead franchise thriving, a bold concept revamp was essential – and that is exactly what the introduction of more intelligent zombies accomplished.

Through its, The Walking Dead has continuously revealed that the primary challenge to Rick and his group is not from zombies themselves but from living humans. Although the undead can be killed off with one simple spray of water, true enemies like Negan and Governor are those who possess intellect and cunningness. Zombie variants provide a harmonious blend – bringing forth a combination of horror, flesh-eating danger as well as resourcefulness and unpredictability which characterizes the living.

The Walking Dead has been reinvigorated in such a way that any discrepancies created by the variants are easily overlooked. Even if it proves impossible to provide an explanation for its zombie mutations, their addition is worth it as they contribute to more thrilling plots ahead. Minor logic lapses should be deemed an insignificant cost for experiencing this revitalized and exciting world of The Walking Dead!

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