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Defenders Of ‘Batman & Robin’ Have Finally Come Out Of the Woodwork After 25 Years

Published on June 21st, 2022 | Updated on June 22nd, 2022 | By FanFest

We can all agree that Joel Schumacher’s second attempt at Batman was one of the worst comic book adaptations to ever hit Hollywood, with critics savaging it and fans despise it on its way to underwhelming at the box office and effectively killing the franchise for close to a decade.

However, we may also agree that time is usually kinder to terrible films, with more and more people joining the ranks on a generation basis, some of whom get an active or perverted sense of pleasure from watching cinematic garbage unfold in front of their eyes.

Image: Warner Bros.

We shouldn’t be all that shocked, then, that the 25th anniversary of Batman & Robin has resulted in a slew of apologists popping up from the woodwork to defend it as a misunderstood masterpiece rather than the atrocity it’s been called.

Obviously, your personal taste and preferences will influence how you view Batman & Robin, but we’d also be confident in saying that even all the money in the world couldn’t persuade George Clooney that it was anything other than a low point in his illustrious and award-winning career.

However, if anyone claims that the $25 million of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cringe-inducing Mr. Freeze puns are side-splittingly hilarious, then a line has been crossed.

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