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‘Death Stranding’ Gets Even Weirder At GamesCom

Published on August 20th, 2019 | Updated on August 19th, 2019 | By FanFest

Death Stranding is a game I absolutely cannot wait for. Hideo Kojima looks to be making another game that will change the way we play video games, and that is an amazing thing. However, every time something new hits I cannot do anything but think about how weird it is.

Here are the new trailers for the game, fresh from GamesCom-

So let’s start with the character trailers. Margaret Qualley’s Mama sounds like an incredibly interesting person. Her story of having a baby that is stuck on the other side is tragic. Because of this she must remain in one location, or one assumes she might lose her child. They are connected by the umbilical cord, just like we have seen in other trailers. Guillermo Del Toro’s character Deadman also seems to have a sad arc. He looks like an AI in that he cannot touch anything and phases past the bridge baby into the wall at one point. I just want to play Death Stranding in context in order to really learn about these interesting people.

(Photo credit to Opening Night Live)

Now, to the even weirder. Kojima was nice enough to give us a glimpse of gameplay before another reveal at Tokyo Game Show. A new feature? PEEING. Norman Reedus peeing. And it all apparently means something. We also see Geoff Keighley out in the wild as a new character. It is not clear what you have to do to take care of his quest, but it does prove this game will have side missions. And then the player intentionally falls off a cliff and makes the bridge baby cry. Again, I need to play the game to put it all together.

Enjoy all the trailers as you wait as I am for the official release! Death Stranding will be out November 8th, 2019, and will be exclusive to PlayStation 4.

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as seen on promo graphic