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‘Deadpool’: Promo Clip For Japan Released

Almost everyone in the world got to see Deadpool already (some with a lot of pieces left out of the movie). Almost. Now, finally its Japans turn to have the movie in their lives! In June, the movie will hit the theaters in Japan. For the special occasion (not to forget the HUGE statue of Deadpool that did a tour in Japan) they released an official promo video!


“Hello, good people of Japan. Deadpool here, my movie is almost out. You know, you have a lot in common with me. We both share a love of latex masks, all things Hello Kitty. Plus, we like to collect things. I collect Wham! records, flat pack furniture, katana swords, various implements of death, and heads of my sworn enemies. And you, you collect custom movie tickets. And you can get four. That’s right! Four custom advanced tickets for the premiere of my movie in beautiful Japan on June 1st. I’m sorry you had to wait this long to see me on the big screen. You know what they say, good things, they come to those who wait.” He sounds so excited for finally being able to be released in Japan!

The ‘heads of my sworn enemies’ was a bit worrying, but oh, well. Its Deadpool. He wouldn’t be Deadpool, if he didn’t sound slightly worrying.


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