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‘Deadpool 2’: You’ll Want to go Back for Seconds (Spoiler Free Review)

Published on May 16th, 2018 | Updated on May 16th, 2018 | By FanFest

After a good two years, it’s finally time. I live in Belgium, and went to a local theater on Tuesday in Antwerp, where they did a mini-marathon. They showed the first Deadpool, in all it’s glory. They even gave us some fantastic snacks and goodies-a figurine, and the Coachella poster that 20th Century Fox released.

When it came time for the main event, Deadpool 2, I was almost giddy when I heard the first notes of Céline Dion’s Ashes. Yes indeed, the film kicks off directly with the melodramatic music from the video that we’re still mentally thanking Ryan Reynolds for. The first 15 minutes include Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) recapping, just like he does in the first movie. At first, it felt like a reboot, and I had alarm bells going off in my head. By the end of the first 15 minutes, the alarm was no longer dinging.

The Storyline

Unlike Deadpool (2016) being a love story, Deadpool 2 is a ‘family’ movie (Wade’s words, not mine). The trailers make so much more sense now. All the interviews Ryan Reynolds gave about Wade and Vanessa wanting a family with kids, but not being able to have any, set up a different side of Wade in this movie. It all made sense. Our favorite anti-hero is in a happy place at the beginning of the movie. Wade works as a killer for hire.

Of course, nothing stays this way, and the happiness is short lived. He soon finds himself in a new role.

The moment Black Tom Cassidy comes on the screen, I cheered. I do want to make one thing clear. The rumors about him being the main villain are all fake.

The X-Force

It’s no secret that the X-Force was going to be present in the movie. In the comics, Cable (Josh Brolin), is a part of the X-Force. They made him look like the villain in the trailers, trying to reach Russel, also known as Firefist (now we know the name of the kid). The first moment they come together, they are all excited and we even see Peter jump out of the plane. Now, I was pretty excited to see this version of the X-Force on the screen, even though people were confused at the setup.

Deadpool 2 will surprise even the most steadfast of Deadpool enthusiasts. Josh Brolin makes for a splendid Cable, and he seamlessly displays his arc.

The number of Easter Eggs alone in Deadpool 2, will leave Marvel fans quaking. Keep a lookout for them! You will most likely end up wanting to see the film again to catch the strategically places tidbits.
The jokes are even better than in the first installment. There is a difference in his delivery. Instead of Wade talking directly into the camera when he says something about the franchise, everyone else in the film actually nods in agreement.

There is no mercy on Avengers: Infinity War in this movie. There are loads more Marvel jokes that will have you doubled over in laughter.

Although there are no scenes hidden deep in the credits, there are a few before the main credits roll, that you should stick around to see. It’s a perfect end to a hilarious movie full of time travel, laughter, tears and probably a little pee.

You can’t miss Deadpool 2, in theaters May 18th!


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