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DC’s Stargirl Is Back Tonight On The CW

Published on August 10th, 2021 | Updated on August 10th, 2021 | By FanFest

For a while, we didn’t know if DC’s Stargirl was going to survive! With the cancellation of the streaming portion of the DC Universe service, the series could have easily died. We’re lucky that’s not the case, since DC’s Stargirl just hits different compared to the other shows. It’s fun and not at all dark and brooding. DC’s Stargirl is back tonight on The CW!

The series didn’t end up making a home on HBO Max after it was saved. Instead, it was moved over to The CW to join the rest of the Arrowverse, which is pretty exciting. We already know that Jay Garrick from The Flash will be heading to DC’s Stargirl this season. Could we see her in the next big Arrowverse crossover?

That would certainly be exciting. Fans are pretty excited about the return of Stargirl tonight. We’ll be seeing the daughter of Green Lantern, the return of Starman, and a much scarier second season according to the cast.

“Sleep with a nightlight. That’s the joke answer, but then also I would say, ‘Get ready.’ I guess it is kind of in the same route, but get ready for Eclipso because he’s a villain like we’ve never seen before.” Bassinger told in a recent interview. ““It’s so funny because when you’re on the set, it doesn’t feel scary because like with Eclipso, even though he’s in his terrifying prosthetics and during the scene he’s acting evil, but as soon as they say, ‘Cut’, we’re all joking around, going to the crafty table. So just trying to serve the writing justice and stay true to the scripts,

I feel, will always keep things on track, but I do want to make a point to say Jonathan Cake who played The Shade, and Nick Tarabay, who plays Eclipso, they did such a good job. Like, when I first saw the design for Eclipso, I was like ‘Oh, that could look a little campy, a little cheesy.’ And then when I saw this final product and him on set walking, I was like ‘Oh, no. This is scary.’ I feel like they brought so much justice to these characters.”

DC’s Stargirl is on tonight on The CW at 5pm PST!


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