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DC’s Stargirl: Brec Bassinger Says Season 2 Is Scary! Recommends A Nightlight!

Published on August 10th, 2021 | Updated on August 10th, 2021 | By FanFest

For some time we didn’t know if DC’s Stargirl would survive the shift in DC Universe’s subscription model. It switched from a streaming service with comics to focusing only on comics. Stargirl is on a very short list of shows that didn’t move over to HBO Max. Well, the show did move there it is just that subsequent seasons are airing on The CW. Apparently, according to Brec Bassinger, season 2 is scary. So scary she recommends a nightlight.

Sounds pretty spooky, if you ask me.

Stargirl is actually back tonight on The CW with the season 2 premiere. Things are going well since our heroes defeated the Injustice Society, but not everything is as calm as it seems. Not with Eclipso waiting in the shadows.

“Sleep with a nightlight. That’s the joke answer, but then also I would say, ‘Get ready.’ I guess it is kind of in the same route, but get ready for Eclipso because he’s a villain like we’ve never seen before.” Bassinger told in a recent interview.

We’ve had other people hint at how terrifying the second season of Stargirl will be. Some of the other actors, and most notably Geoff Johns, have told us season 2 is darker in tone. At some points, anyway.

“Eclipso is pretty formidable and all about darkness, which is great to go up against somebody who is all about light, like Courtney and the Justice Society. There’s these colliding ideologies and powers and drives that really help generate strong emotional stories, that challenge each of our characters individually. They each go through something that is really personal to them. That’s what Eclipso does best. He makes things very personal. He turns over rocks that you might not want him to turn over.” Johns said while speaking with SFX Magazine!

Finally, Bassinger had nothing but praise for her costars, telling “It’s so funny because when you’re on the set, it doesn’t feel scary because like with Eclipso, even though he’s in his terrifying prosthetics and during the scene he’s acting evil, but as soon as they say, ‘Cut’, we’re all joking around, going to the crafty table. So just trying to serve the writing justice and stay true to the scripts, I feel, will always keep things on track, but I do want to make a point to say Jonathan Cake who played The Shade, and Nick Tarabay, who plays Eclipso, they did such a good job. Like, when I first saw the design for Eclipso, I was like ‘Oh, that could look a little campy, a little cheesy.’ And then when I saw this final product and him on set walking, I was like ‘Oh, no. This is scary.’ I feel like they brought so much justice to these characters.”

DC’s Stargirl is back tonight on The CW, August 10th. Season 2 is scary, are you ready for it!?


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