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DC’s Stargirl 2X02 Trailer “Summer School: Chapter Two”

DC’s Stargirl is back, and the first episode has already come and gone. What an episode it was, too, with the introduction of the daughter of Green Lantern! This is some exciting stuff since we might see a Green Lantern join the Stargirl team! The CW has released  DC’s Stargirl 2×02 trailer, for the episode titled “Summer School: Chapter Two”.

We’re going to go ahead and put the trailer down below so that you guys can check it out for yourselves! I hope you enjoy it! We’ll also include the synopsis for the episode further down below!

The preview itself is pretty cool. It looks like Stargirl will need to do some adjusting, it’s obviously been a bit since they added a team member. Green Lantern’s daughter is messing up the whole dynamic, or so it seems.

Eclipso will also start becoming more and more front and center as we make our way through the season. It won’t be too long before we see those scarier elements that people have been talking about. It looks like DC’s Stargirl is in for one hell of a second season.

Here’s the synopsis for the episode!

UNEXPECTED ARRIVALS — Still on the lookout for evil in Blue Valley, Courtney (Brec Bassinger) grows suspicious after an unexpected visitor shows up at the Dugan house. Meanwhile, Barbara (Amy Smart) and Pat (Luke Wilson) become concerned after a visit from a mysterious antiques collector named Richard Swift (guest star Jonathan Cake). Elsewhere, Cindy (Meg DeLacy) puts her plan in motion. Yvette Monreal, Cameron Gellman, Anjelika Washington, Trae Romano and Hunter Sansone also star. Andi Armaganian directed the episode written by James Dale Robinson.”

We can’t wait to see these spookier elements of Stargirl come into play. We have no doubt Eclipso will make an imposing villain.

DC’s Stargirl is now airing on The CW

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