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‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Pilot, Part 2’

Well, we are finally through
Parts 1 & 2 of DC’s Legends of
pilot episode.
With a major death and promise of
heading to
a new time era, it feels like the show may be able to find its
footing now that
it can move
forward without the pressure of a well informed and plot setting
holding them back.

We start the
episode with an arms deal gone
plotline, in which we get
to see Stein attempt and fail to
be an
undercover terrorist. Thanks to Professors Boardman’s notebook, the
figures out that Vandal
Savage will be participating in an illegal arms auction.
The Legends that
team up for this mission are Stein,
Sara, Cpt. Cold, and Heat
Wave. We also learn that the Waverider has the
ability to clothe the Legends in

the appropriate garb for any era. While at the auction, they quickly learn
they were wrong in
assuming Savage would be there as a buyer. In fact, he is
there selling a
nuclear war head and the bullets
are flying in the air as the
rowdy crowd makes their bids, which includes
one Damien Dhark fresh from Star


Not too long after, Savage senses that the Hawk couple is
(they are off waiting with
Firestorm’s Jax). Seeing this, Stein makes the call
to bet on the item by
having Rory shoot into the air,
thereby providing a small
distraction from Savage’s realization. This plan
hits a slight bump as no one

else bids, making Stein the brand new owner of a nuclear war head! While
is congratulating them on
their purchase Stein makes another blunder by throwing
out a comment about
how he’s not even sure the warhead
would work in the era,
which immediately tips Savage off that they are time
travelers. Naturally, a

fight ensues. The Hawks appear, Ray hilariously flies out of Stein’s pocket
The Atom, and Firestorm
merges. During the fight it is important to note that a
piece of The Atom’s
suit falls off.

escalate even further as
Savage sets off the missile. As Ray tries to disarm
it he, of course, sets the

fail safe and speeds up the timer. Firestorm has to take it to a remote
and absorb the blast.
These missions are really showing that they are a bunch of
misfits trying to
be heroes. I think it is
definitely going to take them more
than a couple missions to realize that
they have to use their skills as a
and not as individuals with the power of numbers.

This part of
episode concludes with Rip
Hunter letting The Legends know that Savage salvaged
the piece of Ray’s Atom
suit that fell off and therefore
has the power to
reverse engineer it to for Savage like purposes, such as
destroying a present
Central City. Stein says that he knows someone who can help track the piece

of Ray’s suit- his younger self.
Also, Carter found a newspaper in Boardman’s
jacket that leads them to
another clue to help them defeat
savage. Apparently,
anything that was used to kill The Hawks in a past life
can also be used to kill

Savage. They recognize a photo of a dagger that killed them in their first
but they will need to
recite the Egyptian writing on it as well, and Kendra has
no recollection of
how to do so.

Stein, Jax,
and Sara head to Ivy Town to
find the 1975 version of Stein, Marty.
Stein disguises himself as a

Professor looking to receive information on alpha particles. Hesitant to let
in at first, Marty is
swayed by Sara’s flirtatious ways as she agrees to go
smoke some weed with
him. Young Marty Stein is fun!
Stein is able to sneak away
and find the component that will help them track
Ray’s Atom suit. He is soon

busted by young Marty who demands answers as to who they are. He is promptly

knocked out by Sara, but not
before Stein sets his alarm so that he wakes up in
time for the faculty
mixer, which is where he meets his
future wife. The trio is
able to track the Atom suit to Savage’s lab where
they take it back thanks to

badass White Canary. Once they are back on the Waverider, Steins wedding
disappears, insinuating
that young Marty never went to the mixer. This is an
interesting and easy to
understand way to show what Rip
Hunter always means when
he says they’re not allowed to disrupt any part of
the timeline and how easy it

is to do so. Marty had used his own tracking skills and is on the Waverider

demanding more answers, which
he does not receive. Rip Hunter is able to
convince him to go to the mixer
though, so all is right with the

Next up we’ve got Ray, Cpt. Cold, and Heat Wave going
steal the dagger that
the Hawk’s need
to kill Savage, which is residing
in a Russian’s home.
Long story short, this mission
gets completely botched as
usual and Cpt. Cold and Ray find themselves
trapped thanks to an alarm that was

set off. They work to try and disarm the alarm but the arrival of the owner

deters their plan. In a
completely predictable revelation we learn that Savage
himself is the owner
of the dagger, and takes the
three stooges hostage
demanding them to get their team there

In the midst of all of this, Carter is yet
again trying to get
Kendra to remember her past life to
read the dagger. They
continue to have no chemistry. Also, shouldn’t Carter
know how to read the
He is technically an Egyptian Prince…Anyway, she remembers so they are
to go on that front. Now all they
need is Savage and the dagger. Good thing
the whole team is on its way to
both of those things.

while the rest
of the team is fighting off Savage’s men, the Hawk’s go to
kill Savage
Carter is
able to stab Savage with the dagger, but of course, nothing happens.
As it
turns out, only Kendra is able to
use the dagger to kill Savage as she was
the original owner of it. Savage
pulls the dagger out and stabs
Carter with it-
killing him! Kendra tries to avenger her lover’s death but
ultimately gets
stabbed as
well. However, Gideon (the Waverider’s computer) is able to save her.
loss of Carter and Kendra’s
distraught nature after his death motivates the
team to continue their
mission to kill Savage. After all,
even though they’ve
only been together for a short time they did just lose
their first


Killing off Carter as Hawkman was actually was a huge twist
I wasn’t expecting at all
this early in the series. However, it’s a decision
that I can get behind.
Out of all the characters The
Hawk’s to me were the ones
that didn’t quite seem to fit. By taking away
Carter they are able to give

Kendra the freedom to find herself and recollect her memories on her own. It

definitely can take the show
in a nice direction and will also give the cast one
less character, which
will make them seem less

Overall, I
think the Pilot episodes achieved what they
wanted to achieve and definitely

provided a huge twist that will open up some doors moving forward. Also,
this is
a time travel show- it
can’t be the last time we see Hawkman.

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