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DC Comics Is Expanding On Classic Films

Published on February 17th, 2021 | Updated on February 17th, 2021 | By FanFest

Everyone remembers the old DC films, specifically the Superman and Batman ones. They starred Christopher Reeves and Michael Keaton respectively. Okay, so Batman was actually switched out a couple of times but my point still stands. These films are considered classics and beloved by many DC fans around the world. For some, it was even their introduction to the DC Universe as a whole. Most superhero films these days were also influenced by these classics. Each comic series will pick up where their respective films ended several years ago. This is perfect for fans looking to see what came after the credits rolled. That’s right DC fans, DC Comics is expanding on classic films.

One series focusing on Superman and another on Batman will be published. The Batman ’89 description is as follows:

“Continuing the twisted adventures of DC’s Dark Knight from Tim Burton’s seminal classic Batman movies, Batman ’89 brings in screenwriter Sam Hamm (Batman, Batman Returns) and artist Joe Quinones (Dial H for Hero) to pull on a number of threads left dangling by the prolific director. The gothic mentality behind the world, while still rooted in a sense of realism, helped inform many of DC’s global fans’ first impressions on the Dark Knight’s Gotham. In the new Batman ’89 comic, Hamm and Quinones will help usher in the return of Selina Kyle/Catwoman and will debut a new Robin! Plus, Quinones has a vision for Harvey Dent/Two-Face that is as close to movie magic as a comic can get!”

The Superman ’89 description is as follows

“And in the vein of DC’s plans for Batman ’89, Rob Venditti (Hawkman) and Wilfredo Torres (Batman ’66) will collaborate on Superman ’78 to tell stories set within the world Richard Donner and Christopher Reeves created in Superman: The Movie. In Superman ’78, bystanders are surprised and delighted by Superman’s abilities, and Lois Lane doesn’t (yet!) know that Clark Kent is secretly Superman. The sheer thrill of seeing a man fly, leap, or stop a bullet will be reflected in this environment where Superman has just been introduced! Inspired by Donner’s classic, timeless style of superhero storytelling, in Superman ’78 Venditti and Torres will show fans that a man can truly fly.

Both series will have six digital chapters on July 27 and then chapters will be available on a weekly basis. This is great, and I think it’s awesome that DC Comics is expanding on classic films. They’re beloved for a reason, after all.


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