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‘Days Gone’ Collectors Edition, New Details Revealed

Published on January 18th, 2019 | Updated on January 17th, 2019 | By FanFest

So remember back in 2016 when Sony’s Bend studio, responsible for the hit series Syphon Filter, suddenly appeared out of the blue with a zombie game? Well, they vanished for a little bit, only appearing to give us a delay and then another delay. Well, we have some information today that should get us closer to a release.

While the game has April 26th attached as a street date, it almost seemed to be just another placeholder. Sony however did two things which usually signal Days Gone’s imminent arrival. First, a collector’s edition was announced (which rarely happens for am incoming game), and a new series of videos detailing the world and gameplay began. Both are great signs we are on track for the April timeframe.

First off, the collectors editions. PlayStation Blog states-

The Digital Deluxe Edition features a digital mini artbook, digital soundtrack, three additional drifter bike skins, and an additional early skill unlock and theme. The Collector’s Edition features everything from the Digital Deluxe Edition and a Collector’s Edition Statue, set of patches, six pins, four Decals, a Steel Book, physical soundtrack and a 48 Page Mini-Art Book by Dark Horse Comics.

Secondly, the new video showing off the beautiful open world-

It looks like there will be tons of different locales, foreboding forests, depressing deserts, and snowy side roads. The only problem with these areas? They are filled with things that would like to kill and eat you. That or starving or viscous survivors just looking to take you out. On the plus side, you have weapons and homemade contraptions to help you versus any foe.

If you pre-order, PlayStation has also detailed the bonus. You get an early unlock of the Drifter Crossbow, and three different upgrades to your motorcycle, a shroud, nitrous tank, and gas tank. As with most zombie games every early upgrade enhances your possibility of survival.

Are you looking forward to Days Gone? Or has it been too long since the initial hype for you? Shuffle over to the comments and mmmmeeeeerrrrrhhhhhrrrrrrmmmmm about it.


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as seen on promo graphic