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‘Dawn Of Justice’ Breaks Record For Largest Two- Day Drop

Published on March 29th, 2016 | Updated on March 29th, 2016 | By FanFest

Monday morning, I’m sure
that many an executive at Warner Brothers
were gathered in the board room
for a touch of the bubbly, with
lots of
handshakes and hugs spread around. After all, their critically-
panned Batman
v. Superman
grossed $166 million in its first weekend in theaters. As we
know, Rome
wasn’t built in a day and,
before the studio really starts
celebrating, there is one little tidbit of
information they may have
– actual ticket sales and gross each day this weekend. The data
is an eye opener
and may
prompt the balloons to be popped.

The alarming numbers come from
mix of research by both Box Office
and Forbes. While Batman v. Superman
hit the ground
running with $81 million on Friday
(inflated due to the
inclusion of Thursday’s box office), ticket sales
decreased by 37.9% going into

Saturday for a gross of $55 million. Even though Sunday was a Christian
ticket sales dropped
another 33% to $37 million. Overall, Dawn Of
dropped 55%
from Friday to Sunday, setting the
record for sharpest
two day decline. The previous holder? Josh Trank’s
reboot of Fantastic

last year, which showed a 48% decrease in ticket sales from Friday to


Zack Snyder’s latest DC
Comics offering has sharply divided fans
down the middle, more-so than
Man Of Steel three short
years ago, but
that figure is certainly alarming. Man Of Steel was
meant to launch the
DCU but
stalled out at $668 million, while the studio had expectations of a $1

billion gross. That’s much less than
most other introductory tales for the
super hero genre. According to
article in Variety
Batman v. Superman will need to clear $800
million to be considered
a true success. For comparison,
Marvel’s Guardians
Of The Galaxy
was made for $170 million but
cleared $773 million by the end

of its theatrical run. Fox’s Deadpool had only a budget of $58
and has already gone on
to gross $746 million worldwide as of Easter

Of course,
Warner Brothers does have monies due
in for licensing
and merchandising to help clear the gap. So far, the steep
drop-off has raised
many an
eyebrow. Monday’s official figures have yet to be released so currently

we’re unable to see if the trend
will continue. Dawn of Justice will
need steady legs in order to
remain atop of the box office in
the weeks ahead
but, if ticket sales continue to dwindle, one has to wonder
if Warner Brothers
will feel
more concerned about their franchise. The key indicator will be the
between opening and second
weekend. If Batman V. Superman
drops anything over 66% percent
(most genre films tumble 40-to-60%
weekend), then the hand shaking may cease.

Batman v.
Superman: Dawn
Of Justice
currently playing in theaters across the nation and world.

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