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David Harbour From Black Widow Wants A Red Guardian Movie!

Published on July 12th, 2021 | Updated on July 12th, 2021 | By FanFest

Black Widow came out recently and by all accounts, it was a huge hit! Critics loved it, fans loved it and the actors seem to have loved making it! There isn’t much more that someone could ask for, right? We don’t think so anyway. Well, maybe one thing. David Harbour wants a Red Guardian movie! And now that he’s mentioned it, we want one too!

He isn’t the only one! The director behind Black Widow, Cate Shortland, wants that movie too! The pair decided to sit down and talk with TheWrap about the character, cut scenes and his potential future in the MCU.

“Sometimes — not sometimes — often I would be crying with laughter. And there was so much good stuff that didn’t end up in the film. But I think that’s why Red Guardian needs his own movie. Because it will be so funny.” Shortland said while discussing working with David Harbour as Red Guardian.

Harbour discussed what drew him into the character in the same interview, claiming he was drawn in by a desperation he saw in the character, buried under all that humour. The character, honestly, ended up being a perfect fit for him, so we’re happy he got the role. Here’s the quote, directly from TheWrap!

“Because he’s so guilty and so ashamed of himself that he builds up this ego and the needs it confirmed from everyone. And out of that comes this dorkiness,” Harbour tells TheWrap. “So even though it is dorky, silliness, it’s grounded in this, like, cringy idea of like, you have to laugh at it, now. You have to laugh, which makes it even more gross and funny at the same time. So it’s all born out of character. But it’s fun. And I gotta say, those women were fun to play with, like, Rachel and Florence and Scarlett are all so to game to like, have a good time, to mess around. So they made it very easy to bring that out in me.”

Harbour also discussed how much of the film was improvised, and left on the cutting room floor, claiming  “There’s a whole other movie too, on the cutting room floor, of like, me and Rachel flirting throughout the movie and various sequences. When she breaks me out of prison and, you know, her stuff with the Taskmaster. I mean, there’s tons of stuff that we improv in this movie. And I think that’s a credit to Cate Shortland, she saw the chemistry between us and she saw sort of our voracious, you know, appetite for these characters and for this world, and she just kind of let us run with it.”

And finally, when asked about a Red Guardian film, Harbour stated “People want to see more of this character, I would love to give people more. And I’m glad he’s alive at the end of the movie too,”

You can catch Black Widow in theatres right now, or on Disney+ premiere access!

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