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Dave Erickson defends ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ against criticism

Published on May 31st, 2016 | Updated on May 31st, 2016 | By FanFest

Dave Erickson, executive producer of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ spoke to TV Line to respond to the criticisms from the fans concerning the slowness of his show.

The major challenge of the show is to fit into the universe of “The Walking Dead”, but also bringing his own breath to characters and intrigues.

“The Walking Dead has a huge fan base to whom we are incredibly grateful, and we obviously want to deliver a story that everybody loves. But at the same time, we wanted to make sure that our characters differ from zombies movies of the same genre“

In summary, the producers want to avoid that the characters become accustomed too quickly to the post-apocalyptic environment caused by the walkers.
“[Instead], we wanted to try to balance expectations of how people should behave once they know there are zombies with this sort of attempted slow burn into the apocalypse from a character standpoint”.

A bias that takes a long time to create violence and charisma of the characters from The Walking Dead. Dave Erickson says “That creates frustrations, to a certain degree, because in some instances, you want [the characters] to get it already. And in some circumstances, the things that they do that don’t seem particularly zombie-savvy are, for me, moments where they aren’t zombie-savvy.”.

“We’re getting very close to Rick waking up”


Dave Erickson also released some informations about the second part of season 2, especially about the chronology of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ compared to ‘The Walking Dead’.

“If you marked off the days [that have passed on air since Fear TWD debuted], I think right now, by the end of the first half [of Season 2], we’re getting very close to Rick waking up in Georgia. Now ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ survivors arrived at a place where they’re up to speed on how one deals with the apocalypse and the dead.”

Dave Erickson‘s answers join those of Robert Kirkman, leaving an opportunity for a crossover between TWD and FTWD, but not soon !

The end of the episode 7 foreshadowed more action and more zombies, and Dave Erickson‘s interview seems to confirm this trend.
Now, we have to wait the return of FTWD to see the evolution that the show will take !

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2, returning August 21 on AMC.

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