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DareDevil ‘The Man in the Box’ Recap/Review

Published on April 1st, 2016 | Updated on April 3rd, 2016 | By FanFest

Detective Sergeant Brett and
his partner discover ‘The Hands’
secret laboratory, where their test
subjects are being held. Matt appears
Brett, as the DareDevil and he tells them that the test subjects were
drained for their blood
and that they need immediate medical attention. Matt
does not reveal that he
encountered Nobu, more than
likely, because he doesn’t
fully believe it himself that Nobu somehow
survived burning alive. He tells

Brett to start off his investigation by looking into the Yakuza.


goes and visits Claire, when
he realizes that the police took the victims to her
hospital. He confides in
Claire, telling her that Nobu is
alive. Claire agrees
to keep it a secret that the victims are being treated
in her ER, after Matt
her that if the wrong people were to find out their location, someone
come and finish the job. Dispatch
comes across one of the police radios,
and states that Frank Castle has
escaped from prison.

Matt and
Karen are called to city hall by D.A Reyes. Foggy believes that
since they are
still considered
Frank’s attorneys, Reyes suspects that they may have something
to do with
his escape. Foggy shows Karen and
Matt the transfer paperwork for
Frank, stating that he is in cell block D,
which is the prison wing with the

highest level of security. Matt comes to a realization and tells Karen and
that Wilson Fisk is also
a resident of cell block D.

Instead of
immediately grilling them when
called to her office, Reyes
seems frazzled and
stressed out. Clearly, she is petrified at the fact that
Frank is out and
running the
streets. She confesses that her office was part of the sting on the
deal that went south, causing a
massive shooting resulting in the massacre
of Frank Castle’s family. A.D.A
Tower continues to tell Foggy,
Matt and Karen
a story of how one the undercover cop involved in the sting
learned all about
the new drug
dealer called ‘The Blacksmith’. He found out that there was going
to be a
meeting between The Blacksmith
and the three other gang leaders (Kitchen
Irish, Dogs of Hell, Mexican
Cartel), forcing the police’s hand to
set up the
sting. They were tracking metric tons of drugs.

D.A Reyes
admitted to not
clearing the
park of innocent civilians, fearing that an empty park would show
their hand
and the sting would
automatically be compromised. When The Blacksmith
didn’t show up, the gangs
got anxious and started firing
at each other. The
undercover cop and Frank Castle’s family were killed in
the crossfire. Just as
Foggy and Karen are about to walk out, completely fed up with Reyes, Reyes

pulls out an x-ray of a skull and
says that she found that in her daughter’s
backpack before she headed out
to school.

Reyes begs Matt
and Foggy to
tell her if Frank contacts them, to let her know. Matt hears
the sound of a gun
cocking, and
pushes Foggy and Karen out of the way. Gunfire blazes through
office window, killing her and
shooting Foggy in the


After Foggy gets

checked out by the medics, Matt tells Foggy that he needs to go after Frank,

despite Foggy’s protests.
A.D.A Tower approaches Foggy, telling him that
looking at the crime scenes
photos of the Castle’s murder was
different. He suspected D.A Reyes involvement in the massacre,
but it was well
before he
started at the office. Tower noticed that she was altering medical and

police reports, in an attempt to cover
her tracks. However, she was getting
sloppy. Reyes was the one who ordered
the DNR on Frank Castle. When he
wind of it, that was when he slipped the x-ray to Karen. He leaves,
and Foggy is
taken to the
hospital for x-rays.

Matt goes to the prison to the prison
to meet
with Wilson Fisk. The prison guards
take away Matt’s cane, so that he
goes into Fisk’s cell completely open.
Fisk’s lawyer tells Matt he only
has 10
minutes to speak to Fisk. Fisk attempts to small talk, but Frank gets
right to
the point. He tells
Fisk he knows he helped facilitate Frank Castle’s

openly asks Fisk if he had anything to
do with Frank’s
escape, which Fisk (to no surprise) denies. Matt then drops
a bomb on Fisk,
Vanessa into the conversation. (Vanessa is Fisks current fiance). Matt
Fisk that he remembers Vanessa
from the art gallery and that she is out of
the country, and she wants to
come back. Fisk, slightly
irritated, asks his
lawyer to leave so he and Matt can have a private
conversation. Matt threatens
saying that he will use every single legal loophole to ensure that she can

never again enter the

Fisk, angered, breaks free of his cuffs
and bashes Matt’s
head against the table. Matt
realizes that Fisk is
running the prison and that he did
orchestrate Frank’s escape. Fisk threatens

Matt, saying that after he serves his sentence, he is going to be coming for

Matt and Foggy. He lets Matt
leave, in one piece.


Karen heads to
The Bulletin and grabs
her friend, the editor-in-chief.
Karen tells him she is unsure if it
was Frank
was was behind the death of the D.A, but if it was, he is probably
going to head
for Dr. Tepper
next. Afterall, he did falsify the medical examiner’s reports on

While Hell’s
Kitchen deals with its current crisis,
Elektra encounters a stranger at the
airport who reveals that he knows
who she
really is and what she is capable of. Elektra asks him if he’s
there to kill
her, and he replies
with ‘something like that’.

Karen arrives at Dr.
Teppers hotel room
to discover that he is dead.
While the police, and the editor
for The Bulletin say that the murder
on D.A Reyes and Dr. Tepper
match up
to The Punisher’s MO… Karen disagrees. She claims that it is
‘not his
style’. Could someone
be framing Frank??

Matt meets with Claire on the
roof of the
hospital, after one of ‘The Hands’
victims (Daniel) wakes up.
Claire also tells him that Foggy will be okay,
the bullet wound was a clean hit.

The other test subjects for ‘The Hand’ will survive, but they had 8
organic substances in
their blood. Almost as if they were being used as organic
human farms.
Yeah… talk about creepy, right? He
and Claire have a heart to
heart session about why he is doing what he does,
and how he feels being the

DareDevil is necessary to the safety and security of Hell’s


Karen heads back to her
apartment, where she is under 24-hour
surveillance by the police. While she
is reviewing files on her bed,
she hears a
thud in the hallway. Frank appears outside her door, with his
hands raised.
Karen pulls out a
small pistol, demanding Frank to place his hands on his head.
He says,
repeatedly, that it wasn’t him who
killed the D.A and the Medical
Examiner. Gunfire erupts into Karen’s
apartment, and Frank pushes Karen to
ground and shields her with his body. Once the gunfire stops, Karen
tells Frank
that she believes him
and they run out of her apartment.

In the
concluding episodes of
The Man in the Box, Fisk
asks one of his prison
mates to call his lawyer and to get all the files
that Matt has on him. Elektra

fights the stranger she met at the airport bar. Just before she kills him,
tells her that it was not
‘The Hand’ that sent him to kill her. It was

The hospital
emergency alarms begin blaring and
Claire rushes to
check on her patients. They are awake, and are creepily
standing over the body
Daniel’s father. They move towards the open window, where several ninjas

launch grappling hooks onto the
building and slowly begin their ascent to the
top of the

A Few

watching a few ‘slower’ paced episodes,
it was an incredible rush to jump
into the action-packed episodes. I really liked seeing more of Claire
again. She
is a character I
don’t think we see enough of, and it’s a shame. She brings
out a side of
Matt that Karen and Foggy cannot
even manage to make come to

Several interesting plot twists
this episode. First of all, Stick

sending someone to kill Elektra? His ‘Ellie’? Well, I certainly did not
that coming at all. VERY
interesting plot twist in the fact that someone is now
framing Frank for all
of these new murders.

ending was certainly a
cliffhanger, and a creepy one at that. Possessed-
looking children killing an

innocent civilian and then turning and facing out the window into the
of the night? Yeah, I
would say pretty chilling! I was literally yelling ‘run

Awesome episode, overall. Now
that we are nearing the end
of Season 2, I’m willing to bet there is about
to be a ton more action coming

our way!

Now that Frank and Karen know that someone is framing Frank,

will they be able to
convince the rest of Hell’s Kitchen of that? Currently,
they see Frank as
this crazed maniac. Let the games

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