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DareDevil ‘New York’s Finest’ Recap/Review

Published on March 19th, 2016 | Updated on March 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

“You know what I think
of you, hero? I think you’re a half-
measure. I think you’re a man who
can’t finish the job. I think that
you’re a

-Frank Castle (The Punisher)

really, really
loved this episode. Mostly because about 90% of the episode

The episode opened with a very
brief flashback scene of
a nun wringing out a wet towel,
speaking to a young
Matt. Everytime she wrings out the towel, blood drained
out. (Not 100% sure how
was related… but I enjoy Flashback scenes so it was cool!)

The scene

then cuts to show DareDevil
chained to a pillar, sitting face to face with The
Punisher, who is
pleasantly drinking coffee. He smirks,
greeting DareDevil with
a ‘morning sunshine’.

The D.A is clearly
not happy that her sting

operation did not work, and she is seemingly placing the blame on Nelson and

Murdock. Karen attempts to
argue with her that now that Grotto is missing, it is

Following this scene, we return to
DareDevil (who is still
chained to the pillar) and The Punisher. Matt asks
The Punisher why he didn’t

take his mask off or kill him. The Punisher simply states that he doesn’t

really care who the DareDevil
is and he ignores the second question. Matt
attempts to pull some more
information out of The Punisher,
saying that he
‘carries himself like a Soldier’. The Punisher continues to
avoid Matt’s
stating that he’s going to ‘do what is required’.

Matt and
The Punisher are conversing, we
see Foggy in the Hospital ER,
frantically searching for Claire. The ER is
stacked with patients, most of them

who are members of opposing mobs, who even though they are in the ER, are
trying to take each other
out. Foggy eventually finds Claire, telling her that
he needs to talk to
them about their ‘mutual

Karen returns to
the office, where she receives a call from
Grotto. Grotto is panic
stricken, and
does not believe a word that Karen about how she was unaware
of Reyes’s plan.
He hangs up,
telling her to go to hell.

Matt continues to ask The
Punisher more
questions, assumingly, to build up
his personal file on him. The
Punisher ignores the majority of Matt’s
questions, assembling his gun instead.

Their discussion becomes heated, as Matt continues to dig into The Punishers

past. They begin to exchange
words about what the ‘right’ way to do things.
Matt believes that ‘they’
don’t get to decide if someone
deserves to die;
they aren’t the ones to make that call. The Punisher
disagrees, saying that it
necessary. He thinks that the people he killed needed killing. He won’t hurt

anyone who doesn’t deserve it.
They continue to disagree, having a somewhat
verbal battle.

hit them and they get back up, I
hit them and
they stay down!”

-Frank Castle (The

Punisher) DareDevil


An older
man begins yelling up the stairwell,
demanding who is up there. The
tells DareDevil that if he squeals, the old man will die. The
Punisher meets the
man at the top
of the stairs, telling him that he came up to smoke because his
was driving him crazy. He then has
a touching moment with the old
man, after he realizes the man is a veteran,
just like he is. He reveals to
vet his name is ‘Frank’. The old man smiles and respectfully leaves,
and The
Punisher tells him
‘Semper Fi’.

Karen goes to the ADA, and attempts to
blackmail him.
He agrees to give her the files
on The Punisher, if she leaves.
Foggy and Claire finds themselves in the
middle of a near mobster showdown in

the middle of the ER, but Foggy gives a brief speech that causes both
members of
opposite sides to lay
down their ‘weapons’. (A pair of hospital scissors and
scalpel). Both men
swear that they weren’t the ones
who attacked the other.

Matt wakes up, after being knocked
out by The Punisher for

calling him ‘insane’. When he wakes up, he has a gun duct taped to his
The Punisher tells him
that is a .357 with one round in the chamber and they
only way to ‘stop
him’ is to shoot him for the kill.
Matt expresses that he
‘won’t kill him’. The Punisher brings Grotto and
up onto the roof, saying he

caught him trying to leave town in a stolen car. Thinking that The Punisher
about to execute Grotto
for a small, petty crime, he begins to protest saying
that Frank does not
have to kill him. The Punisher
forces Grotto to reveal that
he has killed people for the Irish mob, and
forces him to confess that he killed

an old lady because she saw his face when he committed the murders. Matt
his gun as if to shoot,
but then drops it. Just as The Punisher is about to
shoot Grotto, Matt
shoots the chains binding him, and
charges for The Punisher.
The Punisher shoots Grotto, just before Matt
begins to beat him.


dies, and Matt turns his attention back to The Punisher, who seized the
of Matt’s distraction to
fire explosive shots off the roof, and take out a few
of the Dogs of Hell’s
bikes. Matt knocks The Punisher
unconscious, and takes
him into the building. Just as Matt throws The
Punisher in the service elevator,

The Dogs of Hell enter the building. They are out for blood, and Matt starts
disarm them all. One by
one, Matt takes out a good dozen of their members,
before continuing down
the stairs. He faces off with three
more men, and at this
point, he is heavily beaten. He looks out the garage
door to see that the bikes

outside of the Dogs of Hell club are on fire.

Karen continues to go

through the files on The
Punisher. She pulls out a large yellow envelope. Inside
the envelope is the
x-ray of a large skull, with a
single bullet hole in the
right temple area. The legendary skull that we
know as ‘The’ Punisher



A Few Thoughts

I loved
much we got to see The
Punisher in this episode. I think, so far, this episode
has been my
favorite. Call me cheesy, but I love it
when two superheros get a
lot of screen time interaction. I especially loved
how The Punisher kept

referring to DareDevil as ‘Red’ the entire time. The writers and actors
did a
fantastic job at
balancing out the quirky humor in this intense episode. I
really loved the
interaction between Charlie Cox
and Jon Bernthal. These two
work amazingly together.

I really, really
liked how the stunts were

coordinated for this episode. We are so used to DareDevil using his bantos
as a
weapon, but this time, he
fought off the Dogs of Hell with a long metal chain. I
thought that was SO
cool. Very different, and very

I thought how
the way in which they presented the reveal for
The Punisher skull was pretty

epic and awesome. I cannot wait to see how the rest of his story-line is

Fantastic work so far!

How about you guys? What do you

think so far of this season’s
DareDevil? Let me know your thoughts!

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