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DareDevil ‘A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen’ Recap/Review

Published on April 12th, 2016 | Updated on April 12th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Season 2 finale of
Daredevil opened with Nobu standing with one
of his assistants, talking
about how DareDevil has been the one
thing that
stands in their way of unleashing their ultimate weapon; The
Black Sky. As we
learned from our
last episode The Dark
at the End of the Tunnel,
Elektra is the ‘Black Sky’. Nobu is out for
DareDevil’s blood, and is ready

to fight him to the death. Nobu’s assistant asks Nobu which of the ‘twelve

designated target’s’
(it’s not revealed what these twelve targets are for) he
wants The
to hit. Nobu responds with
‘all of them’.

Matt, Stick and Elektra all hide out in
Matt’s apartment, as
Matt tries
to formulate a plan to keep Elektra safe from Nobu. Stick constantly
the need to tell Matt that Elektra
is a danger, and that she needs to be

Matt meets
Elektra up on the roof of his
building, and has a heart-to-heart discussion with Elektra about
what they have
learned. Elektra feels lost and hopeless, but Matt insists that she
need to fear The
ninjas. She is stronger than them,
and should not fall under
their influence. Matt tells Elektra
they need to take
Nobu out of the picture, and without him, The
will crumble.
However, Matt
does not want to kill him but rather, dethrone him. Elektra agrees
to go in
on Matt’s plan to strike them in
the lion’s den,


Foggy meets with a
board member
of Marci’s law firm, to discuss the possibility of getting a
position with
them. His work on The Punisher’s
trial has labeled him as a very
desirable attorney, and since Nelson and
has seemingly
their doors for good, Foggy’s life has opened up to endless


Matt takes
Elektra to meet Melvin, so that he can design a
more protective costume for
her. Melvin also gives Matt a new
weapon, which is a
near indestructible billy club which acts as a grappling
hook along with a close

quarters combat weapon. (Love Elektra’s ‘where is mine?’

Castle visits his old
house, where he begins to reminisce about all the good
times he had with his
family. He begins to read a
newspaper where the cover
story reads ‘FRANK CASTLE DEAD‘. Frank
heads to his garage and turns

on the police radio, and begins spraying a bullet-proof vest with spray
(Sounds like a new costume
design to me!)

As Matt and Elektra prepare to
head out and face off
Nobu, Matt receives a phone call
from Foggy. Brett has
requested legal counsel, after getting beat up pretty
bad. Matt heads down and

visits Brett as the DareDevil and asks what happened. Brett said someone
came to
him, and threatened
Brett and his family. They demanded everything he had on the
Whoever it was, they are extremely
powerful and wanted records of
everyone that DareDevil ever


Matt discovers slashes on
Karen’s wall, more than
likely from a samurai blade, indicating that Nobu
was behind the abduction.

The Hand holds a dozen people hostage on a school bus, one of them
Karen. Karen attempts to
stand up for one of the captures who begins to make a
fuss, but Nobu’s
assistant shoots the prisoner in the
head. Karen watches,

Matt and Elektra speak on top of his
apartment building, and
begins to grow frustrated. He struggles to sort out the sounds in the city

in order to locate Karen and the
rest of the hostages. Elektra gives him calming
advice, telling him to sort
out the noises one at a time.
Matt slowly begins to
focus, and he is eventually able to pick out the
sounds of school bus brakes and
bunch of voices speaking in Japanese.

Matt and Elektra head out, and

discover the building where the
hostages are being held. Elektra thinks they
should go directly for Nobu,
but Matt disagrees. He heads off,
choosing to
rescue the prisoners first. One of the prisoners is under house
arrest, and
turned his device
on to direct the police towards their location. The

ninja’s discover this, and attempt to
cut the prisoners ankle off.
Matt crashes through the window just in time,
and begins fighting off the

ninjas. He directs the prisoners to head outside. Karen leads them to
and meets up with Brett and
the rest of the police outside.

continues to face off ninjas,
when he is suddenly joined with
Elektra. They head
to the roof, and begin fighting off more of The
ninjas. They
heard a
single individual speak, and they turn to see Nobu approach them. After
gives a very brief monologue,
Nobu begins to face off both Elektra and
Matt. After a very epic, intense
fight, Matt knocks Nobu down to the


“You’re done, Nobu. Your army
crumble. And you will
leave my city alone…”

DareDevil, Netflix’s

Nobu stands up, and
begins to fight both Matt and
Elektra once more. Nobu winds up
Elektra’s arm, and punching Matt so hard that he knocks his mask
off. Nobu
lifts Matt to his
feet, and attempts to stab him. Elektra runs over, and forces
herself in
between Matt and Nobu, impaling
herself on Nobu’s blade. Elektra
grows weak in Matt’s arms, expressing how
amazing it feels to finally feel
she did something good. Elektra whispers to Matt that it is not the
end, and
then she dies in
Matt’s arms.

Nobu attempts to run off, commanding his
men to
‘finish off’ DareDevil. Matt grows
enraged and chases after Nobu. Shots
are fired off of the roof, and Matt
turns to see Frank Castle standing
taking out the rest of Nobu’s men with his shotgun. Matt smirks in
thanks, and
then proceeds to
chase after Nobu. Matt faces off with Nobu one last time,
before throwing
him off of the

Matt looks over at Frank who
mutters ‘See you around,


Down on the
Nobu slowly stands up.
Juuuust as you think Nobu is about to walk off
into the sunset,
Stick appears and stabs Nobu through
the chest and then
decapitates him; finishing him once and for

Matt and Stick attend

Elektra’s burial, and exchange a few heart-felt words. Stick asks Matt if
was ‘worth it’; loving
Elektra. Matt replies that it was.

Foggy and
Karen have a
conversation at Josie’s, and they discuss
how even
though Nelson and Murdock may have closed their doors,
they will all
still remain in
each others lives. Karen heads back to The Bulletin and
has a
discussion with Ellison about her
current writers block problem. He tells
her to write the truth, something
New York has never seen before. She
titles her
article ‘WHAT IS IT? TO BE A HERO?’

In the closing
monologue of the
Season Finale,
Frank Castle removes a CD titled ‘Micro’ from behind one of his
old Marine
Corps. photos, before setting
his house on fire. When he walks away,
he wears a bulletproof vest with the
signature Punisher skull on the
front. Matt
heads back to his office at Nelson and Murdock, where
he meets with
Karen. He pulls
out the DareDevil mask out of a paper bag, and tells Karen that
he is the

Nobu’s loyal
followers dig up Elektra’s body, and
place it in a stone case. They seal
it, proving that their plan for
Sky’ has not faltered.

A Few

One scene
I loved in
particular was the scene where Matt and Elektra had a deep
conversation, in
the stairwell before they went
off to fight the rest of The
ninjas. Matt asked Elektra
that if they survived the fight, if
could run away with her. Being a vigilante made him feel alive, and
Elektra was
the only one who got
it. Even though the odds were not in Elektra’s favor in
the end, I
absolutely adored this scene.

loved everything about this
episode. It left a lot of open possibilities and
a perfect setup for a Season 3,

and I am hoping that we get to see Frank Castle return. What can I say? I
cliffhangers! The final
fight between DareDevil and Nobu was probably one of my
favorites this
season, and I am pleased to see that
Stick eventually came around
in the end and finished off the battle. I
absolutely loved DareDevil’s newest

weapon, designed by the brilliant Melvin. Epically badass!

was extremely fast paced,
and was a outstanding Season 2 finale episode. I am
ecstatic for Season 3.
The cast, crew and writers of
DareDevil have done a
phenomenal job this season!

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