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Danny Elfman Set to Compose Music for ‘Justice League’

This must be one of the most exciting moments ever written what we are writing down now. The announcement came that Danny Elfman would be taking over to compose the music for Justice League! This announcement came after Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg), who previously worked with Zack Snyder on Batman V. Superman, departed from his role as composer for the movie. It’s been announced that he would take the role as composer in the Tomb Raider movie (which is also a Warner Bros. production).

There have been a few changes, to name one is that Zack Snyder took a step back to be with his family (which we totally understand) and Joss Whedon taking his place. Now, there is also a statement released from Junkie XL himself, which you can read below:

“As my mentor Hans Zimmer told me you haven’t made it in Hollywood as a composer until you get replaced on a project. So I guess I finally graduated this week. It pains me to leave the project, but a big thanks to Zack for asking me to part of his vision, and I wish Danny, Joss and Warner Bros all the best with Justice League.”

Danny Elfman has become famous for his work in The Nightmare Before Christmas (and what a great movie it was). He also composed the music in Marvel‘s Avengers: Age of Ultron. But, Danny Elfman already has a big history in the DC Comics Universe. He also composed the music for Batman, Batman Returns and also very recently he composed the music for the theme song of the Justice League animated series. One thing is for sure, his big name is something very amazing to be added to this movie.

Danny Elfman already proved he can bring unique and exciting music to a movie. We cannot wait to hear what he’ll do for this movie!

Justice League will hit the theaters on November 17, 2017! Are you excited? Worried or scared about the changes? Let us know in the comments below!


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