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See the Terrifying Trailer for Daniel Radcliffe’s New Film ‘Jungle’

Published on June 19th, 2017 | Updated on June 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

‘The problem is us, we’re the cancer, we deserve to disappear.’

When most people set off on ‘gap years’ or trips for discovery, not of one’s self, but of something larger than who we are, they anticipate overcoming struggle but ultimately finding a deeper understanding of everything. What they don’t anticipate, however, is having to literally fight for their lives.

In the new film Jungle, we see a man who set off for a trip to ‘escape the well-worn path’ and it all seems rather peachy keen at first. Daniel Radcliffe stars in the film as Yossi Ghinsberg who is ‘experiencing the extraordinary’ comes across a man who entices him and two other travelers to follow him into the last frontier on earth. From here, everything takes a drastic and unexpected turn for the worst and the true struggle for life begins.

The trailer is terrifying in itself, but when you learn that the film is based off a true story, it becomes totally next level. Where the film will differ from the true story is yet to be seen, but if the plot follows what really happened to Ghinsberg, the story becomes so harrowing that it’s hard to describe it in words.

The trailer shows the group finding out that their guide, Karl Ruprechter is up to no good and with his betrayal came a distrust between people who were strangers just days before. There’s a split after Ruprechter separates from the group and Marcus Stamm – one of the other travelers – goes of on his own as well.  This leaves Ghinsberg and Kevin Gale together and they come up with an exit plan, but things are not as easy as they’d hoped – or, even remotely easy at all, and they become separated, thus leading them both into danger’s way they relied on their survival instincts and…well…you saw the trailer.

The film will open the Melbourne International Film Festival on August 3rd. The festival runs August 3-20th.

Are you going to see the film when it premieres? What was the most terrifying part of the trailer for you? Let us know.

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