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‘Damien’ Recap; ‘ The Deliverer’

Published on March 22nd, 2016 | Updated on March 22nd, 2016 | By FanFest

We start with Detective Shay
being very suspicious of how all of
this insanity keeps happening centered
around Damien. I have started
to the rottwilers as hell hounds, because that is what they have
to be
right? Anyways there is
a hell hound stalking Shay at the police station, but
lets him leave
unharmed. A dog has to keep track of

Picking up
where the last episode ended Damien and Ann are
in the super creepy shrine to

Damien, there is a lot of back and forth between them but it comes down to
things. Damien still does
not believe he is the anti-Christ and he doesn’t
trust Ann. She asks about
Damascus but he tells her nothing
happened. After he
leaves the house a new character is introduced an
employee of Ann’s who seems

apprehensive about the way Ann and Damien left things. Ann shows no sign of
that things aren’t
working out exactly like she wants them to.

goes to see her
priest to talk about all note book
she found in Kelly’s bag. He
dismisses her tells her she is grasping at
straws due to her grief over losing

Kelly. When walking away Simone see’s a statue of I believe the virgin Mary

holding a heart with the
seven daggers in it. The heart is bleeding, she rushes
back to show the
priest but when they get back they
see nothing. Someone needs
to give this girl some answers or she is going to
go straight crazy!

We see suspicious Detective Shay continuing to be

suspicious, but with no
proof to tie any of it together. For the first time you
see other people in
the police station with Shay. I
was beginning to think he
was the only cop.

Damien has a conversation
with Amani about everything

that has happened, with Ann, the old woman, and the crazy deaths that he
ignore anymore. Amani
much like the priest dismiss the notion as the craziness
that has happened
in the last 10 days. Damien goes
to visit an old friend John
Lyon, he asks him about Ann and her company.
John makes it very clear that

Damien should not trust her. You also found out that after Damien’s parents

died he lived in the white
house… John has the best quote of the episode in
this scene, and I think
it sums up my feelings on Ann

“Not much suprises or frightens me, Ann

Amani and Simone talk about
their rather odd days, Simone
things Kelly is trying to communicate with her. She doesn’t tell
him about the
bleeding statue
though. I wonder if Amani thinks all his friends are going


Damien has now turned the tables
and is spying on Ann, he is
staking out her work building. While Damien is
stalking Ann is getting chastised

for letting Damien come into trouble by non other thannnnn….John Lyon!! He
in on it, a new character
Troy is introduced but you get the your going to die
vibe from him. Ann,
John, Troy, and the other nameless
people in the meeting
talk about Damien being ready to be brought in. This
group wants Damien to
his destiny as the deliverer. John fires Ann as Damien’s handler and

informs her that Troy will be taking
over. Ann of course can not let that
stand. She manipulates a situation to
make it look like Troy attacks
her in the
line of site of Damien.

Troy runs away and Damien chases
and chases there
is quiet a
long running scene! Troy pushes a small child into the train tracks,
must make the choice to save the
boy or get the bad guy! He chooses the
child and saves him in the nick of
time! No worries though going to
die vibe
Troy suffers a graphic escalator accident. Personal note I am
terrified of
escalators!! I avoid
them pretty much always, I just rode one at HVFF in Chicago
for the first
time in a while. I assure you it
will be a while again after this
week!! Damien realize what happened to Troy
and leaves quietly, the last
he needs is to be at the scene of another strange accident.

Back at the office the employees of

Armitage Global are finding
out about Troy’s death. Ann is consoling someone
when John shows up. No
words are exchanged but he
absolutely knows that Ann was
involved in that death. You can see it in his
eyes! The cat and mouse game
is going too occur between Ann and John will be interesting to see
unfold. John
looks like pure
power and Ann seems to get anything she wants.

Shay is
looking further into Damien’s past,
seeing the Death that has always
followed him around. Another Detective
shows Shay that Damien is a hero he
a kid, that he needs to let it go. Shay leaves the empty
station…because cops
don’t work at
night in NYC… The stalking Rottweiler attacks him, after a
struggle Shay
shoots the dog. Even though it is
an evil murdering dog it made me
sad to see it dead.

Ann comes to
visit Damien, overly confident

as always. They talk and Ann shows Damien a photo that he deleted, there
never any copies of it. How
Ann got it isn’t explained, but at this point does
it really need to be.
The photo inspires Damien to share
the story of when the
picture was taken. It was terrible and brutal, an
entire village died horribly
slowly. He hid and was never found just forced to witness it. Ann tells him

that the evil he sees comes from
within him, its that evil that keeps him alive
in these terrible situations.
He of course does not take that
well, she tells
him that he needs to accept who he is. Damien tells her to
go, but she asks to
use the
rest room. While in there she pulls up her skirt and reveals a 666 scar
she then carves over. When she
comes back down Damien tells her about
Damascus and the old woman. He shows
her his birth mark which she
caresses very
creepily. She has a motherly love for him and its creepy
because he doesn’t
know her. I
think that is where the Ann creep factor comes from. They have a
good-bye before Ann leaves and has a
very odd thing in the hall. I for
real didn’t know if she was in pleasure
or pain. It was strange.


Ann and Damien seem to have come some odd
So what will come of that we
shall have to wait and see. The Church
doesn’t want Damien to bring the
second coming of Christ, that will
have to
play an important role coming up. Along with the John Lyon story
each episode
gets more
intriguing. Also pretty low body count this episode, one bad guy and a





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