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‘Damien’ RECAP ‘Second Death’

Published on March 16th, 2016 | Updated on March 16th, 2016 | By FanFest

The second episode opens to
an exorcism, I’m not totally sure what
it is about exorcisms that make me
so uncomfortable but it was an
way to start the episode. The woman preforming the exorcism
succeeds and after a
encounter with a rottweiler in the hall, (which is for some reason a
of the anti-christ) is told by
the father that she must return to Rome.
This is the only time you see this
woman, but I know she will return
the scene
was very powerful so it had to mean something.

The scene
cuts to Damien
brushing up on
the book of Revelations, while reading descriptions of the four
horsemen of
the apocalypse he looks at
pictures he has taken that depict the
passages. A lot of this episode is
Damien dealing not only with the
grief of
losing Kelly, but also frantically trying to come to terms with the
he has learned
about himself. He looks terrible when Amani shows up and demands
he attend
Kelly’s funeral, he resists until
it becomes clear that Amani is
going to drag him their regardless of his
feelings on the matter.


stranger walks into a church and goes to confession, he speaks with the
and is given instructions
on killing Damien with the knife he was given in the
first episode. The
father tells him that it is one of
the 7 daggers of Megiddo
and is the only one left, it is the only weapon
that can kill the anti-christ.

The stranger implies that he has killed for the church before and is
about the situation. He
is never named which lead me to refer to him as the
assassin of
Christ..might not be the best name for him
but its what stuck in my
head. While the assassin prays for forgiveness the
father drops dead. Seriously

the body count in this show 15 minutes into the second episode is
The death of the father
seems to solidify the assassins resolve.


funeral is bleak as expected,
the assassin is there luring by the gate of the
church Damien notices him.
Damien is visibly struggling to be
in the church, he
is sweating and having flash backs to childhood. Ann is in
the back of the
straight creeping, she almost seems to enjoy watching Damien suffer
sitting there. When it looks like
it is about to be too much for Damien
like he might pass out Jesus’ face
blows out of the stained glass
Damien leaves the church in a hurry and gets sick, poor baby anti-
christ. Ann
joins him outside
and is as cryptic as she was in the first episode, it is very
obvious she
knows more than she is letting on
and at this point it is starting
to really bug Damien. After the funeral
Damien, Amani, and several work
go to Simone’s house to reminisce. There is a group of photo
journalist that
travel to dangerous
places, they all talk about their various battle scars and
comment on how
Damien is usually the closest to
the action yet somehow always
remains unharmed. Damien’s boss is there and
he asks her to go back to work,

she skirts the subject and gives him a massive check from the one and only
Rutledge. She bought all
of his pictures from Damascus, which considering how
graphic most of them
were is a little creepy but
becoming par for the course
with Ann! There is a pastor at Simone’s house
and of course he has to strike up

a conversation with Damien, that ends loudly and makes everyone very

uncomfortable. Damien tries to call
Ann at the number on the check and the woman
says there is no Ann Rutledge,
he tells her his name and she
changes her tune
saying that Ann will call him back as soon as possible. It
sort of leads you to
that there are a whole group of people that are pretty obsessed with


what is becoming Damien fashion he
excuse himself
after making a scene with the father. He is wandering around
taking pictures of
people, he runs across a creepy man who keeps saying “Darkness is
The darkness is coming man then
sees a little girl in a white dress
with one of her eyes sewn shut, to say
she was creepy is a vast
Little kids are always a bit creepy in the horror genre, and
Damien himself was
a prime
example of creepy kid in the original film. Amani apologizes for
behavior and as he is leaving
Simone finds Kelly’s bag, as nothing
happens without reason when it cuts
back to Damien you know that
finding that
bag is going to be relevant somehow.

Cutting back to the
street Damien
sees the girl
with her eye sewn shut in a window as she draws 666 in the
condensation, he
tried to get in the building to
see her. Before he can get in
he is intercepted by…that’s right the
assassin of Christ! He tries to stab

Damien but fails, they struggle for a while and it looks like he might win
for a
moment. In the last
minute he is saved by a cab driver that is freighted by a
rottweiler in the
street, the cab swerves careens
out and smashes into the
assassin flinging the dagger into the drain.
Another graphic death the assassin

is cut in half, it was truly very gross. Simone and Amani go through
bag and find her note book
with all her research on Damien and the anti-christ,
they seem very
suspicious and really them finding out
might be the coolest part
so far. It will be interesting to see what they
have to say or if they even

believe it could be true, but with the way death follows this dude around
could they not at least
consider it.

Once again Damien is at a crime
scene, Detective James
Shay is questioning him about
being attacked. There are
plenty of witnesses that all say the assassin
attacked Damien, he informs the

detective that he had seen the man earlier at Kelly’s funeral. Damien gets
defensive about the
questions Shay is asking in regards to Kelly’s accident and
the likely hood
that two freak accidents
resulting in death happened in a couple
days time while he was around. The
conversation is about to get
when non other than Ann Rutledge shows up and declares herself
his lawyer, which
Ann’s job isn’t just being a super creepy fan/stalker of Damien! In
seriousness though at this point
she is one of the most intriguing
characters on the show, she seems like a
bad guy but it’s still pretty
who the bad guys are. Detective Shay looks at the body of the
assassin and sees
tattoos that I am
sure will lead him back to the church group trying to kill our
good buddy
the anti-christ!


Ann takes
back to her house which is possibly
the creepiest place I have ever seen,
skeletons all over human and bird/bat.
Terribly graphic pictures are
hung with
such care on her wall, more than a few are photos that Damien has
taken in war
zones. Ann takes
him to a hidden room behind a book shelf and lets be honest no
creepy house
can be complete without a hidden
room, this one is no different
except hers is a shrine to Damien. The wall
is littered with awards from

school, large pictures of himself, and on display in the center of the room
the little tricycle he was
riding when he pushed his mom to her death. The
tricycle inspires a memory
of him riding around and his
mother falling, once
again they did a flawless job of splicing the original
movie footage in. She
to him that he was not the biological child of his parents, that the
he was born his mother died and so
did his parents child. The doctor
convinced his father to take the Damien
and he did never telling his wife.
shows him a dagger one that looks just like the one the assassin tried
to kill
him with, the priest
had said that the one they had was the last one left the
rest had
disappeared. I sort of hope that what ever
company Ann works for has
collected them, but maybe we will see other
factions having other daggers. The

church can’t be the only people who don’t want the anti-christ walking
The dagger triggers the
full memory of his father trying to kill him in the
church. He also
remembers that after both his parents had
died Ann was there
promising that she would take care of him. As a viewer
its not disputable at
point that Damien really is the beast as the church calls him, what I
know is if Damien truly believes
it or not. Every once in a while it
seems like he does then other times he
will rant about not believing in
God at
all. I am not sure if that is a defense mechanism not dealing with a
truth or if he
really doesn’t believe it. It will be interesting to see where
it goes now
that he is with Ann who seems to
know so much more about his life
and path than he does. I hope we get to see
the larger organization she
for, and maybe some others as well.


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