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‘Damien’ Preview: ‘The Deliverer’

Published on March 17th, 2016 | Updated on | By FanFest


John Lyons, an old
friend, about Rutledge’s intentions, while Simone turns to
the Church for
answers. Shay comes face to face
with an unexpected visitor.
After a mysterious death, Rutledge gains
Damien’s trust.

It looks

like next weeks episode will be an interesting one. We will finally get to
more about the different
factions of people who either love or hate Damien. At
this point it appears
that Damien does not believe he
is the anti-christ, which
is odd considering everything that has happened
around him in the last few

days…not to mention his whole life. What is the most exciting is we will
to see more of Ann
Rutledge, what her motivations are and her rather creepy
obsession with

Not only does Damien
not seem to trust her, but
someone else we have not yet met who’s name is
John Lyon’s according to the

plot appears to not trust her either. The more you see of Ann the more

interesting she gets! It also
looks like Damien will come to trust her by the
end! That will make for
interesting story telling. We have to
wait until next
Monday to see where this story goes and what kind of body
count will be left in
wake after week three. It’s getting pretty high at this point!

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