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CW Seed has Added Every Episode of Constantine

Published on July 8th, 2016 | Updated on July 8th, 2016 | By FanFest

CW is the best place to find all your favorite DC heroes, at the end of this season we saw CW acquire Super Girl to save it from the chopping block. In 2015 the NBC show Constantine was not as lucky, after 13 episodes we said farewell to everyone’s favorite Master of the Dark Arts.


DC Comics and CW did try to ease our broken hearts by announcing that Constantine would appear in Arrow during season 4. He was as witty and brash as we hoped he would be, he inspires more questions than he ever answers yet somehow still saves the day. We saw Constantine in both the flash backs of that episode and the present times, he even gave us the explanation for one of Oliver’s mystery tattoo! Even after his episode he was mentioned several times throughout season 4 and had a pretty big impact during a season full of dark magic.

side of angels

It was announced that CW SEED the streaming service exclusive for CW will be adding the entire Constantine series that aired on NBC. What does this mean for us, if it gets good enough ratings will we see the show come back to the CW instead of NBC? What I think is more likely is that Constantine will be added to the line up of Legends of Tomorrow. Maybe that is more wishful thinking than being likely, but it makes sense. We lost both Snart and the Hawks for season two, they leave big holes in the dynamic of the team. Snart in addition to the cold gun had such a dry witty sense of humor and the Hawks are straight power houses. Constantine could bring both to the Wave Rider.  Legends always seemed like it would work best as a show with a revolving door as far as the cast goes, short seasons, big budget, great casts. It is going to be what keeps the excitement for that show going.

i do stupid in spades

So now we just have to wait for the fall and see if they just gave us the show because they acquired the rights to the show or if they are hyping us for another Matt Ryan as Constantine appearance!

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