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‘CTR’ Celebrates with New “Winter Festival” Grand Prix

Published on December 12th, 2019 | Updated on December 12th, 2019 | By FanFest

‘Tis the season to get racing! That’s right folks. In case you’re still stressed about last minute holiday shopping, fear not! Crash Team Racing has a new Grand Prix to get you in shape – and probably neglect that shopping even more. Though with 5 brand new racers, a ton of customization options and a track that is an absolute delight… eh, Holiday shopping can wait! So check out the “Winter Festival” announcement trailer below, and then we’ll detail everything coming this season.

“Winter Festival” Racers & Skins Aplenty!

Of all the Grand Prix’s we’ve had thus far, I can’t help but feel this is the most jam packed in terms of New Racers. This Season we have the return Yaya Panda, a long time Crash Nitro Kart veteran that finally makes her arrival in Nitro-Fueled. Yaya looks positively adorable and very true to her previous looks! Similarly, we also have the arrival of Rilla Roo from the original Crash Bash. Rilla’s look on the other hand… well, feedback hasn’t been flattering. The Beenox team has been great in the past with fixing/ updating things, so I’m sure they’ll look into this too. Though to be fair, the Beenox team has been working on item re-balancing to keep the game fresh. Plus with so many other racers, I’m fine if Rilla Roo’s makeover waits a season. (But that’s just me).

Aside from these two, we also have an entirely brand new character – one that was apparently based on an old cut concept from the original games: Hasty. It’s little nods like these that make me have the utmost respect for the Beenox creative team. Though Hasty isn’t the only newbie coming to CTR as your favorite announcers have left the Press Booth and are now shifting into gear! Chick and Stew have joined the race as playable characters! (Heh, Chick ‘n Stew… chicken stew… I JUST got that).

In addition to these new Racers, this Gran Prix will add loads of adorably festive stickers and skins. Reindeer Crash, Sweet Coco, Pajama skins for Baby Crash and Coco, a Winter Guardian Skin for Spyro and plenty more!

Chick and Stew join the race
Credit: Beenox/ Activision

New Track / New Time!

We’ve had a quite a few original tracks ever since CTR started doing these Grand Prix; but this season’s Gingerbread Joyride looks positively glorious! This track truly has everything you’d ever want from a gingerbread town! From the candy can street lights to the cotton candy trees – and the gumdrop spectators – this track looks delicious! Though it isn’t without its hazards as it’s not only full of tight turns, but also has bouncing jello square obstacles.

Unlike past Grad Prixs that usually arrive on Fridays, the Winter Festival Grand Prix begins today: Thursday, December 12th. This is most likely due to the upcoming Game Awards, which may see some big announcements. So get racing and stay tuned for more!

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