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Crowd Throws Chicken Nugget On Harry Styles, This Was His Hilarious Reaction

Published on August 31st, 2022 | Updated on August 31st, 2022 | By FanFest

A chicken nugget was thrown at Harry Styles while he was performing on stage, and it’s just too funny to miss.

There’s no shortage of funny and bizarre news on the internet. On our news feed, we frequently see hilarious incidents from all around the world. A quick look at our social media will show all sorts of interesting events. Recently, one such occurrence occurred at a Harry Styles performance.

Performing at Madison Square Garden on August 30, the ex-One Direction singer put on a great show for fans in New York. He was shocked when someone from the crowd threw a chicken nugget at him. When he was the victim of a food attack, his reaction was hilarious! Check out the video that surfaced on Twitter:

In the clip, Harry Styles could be seen holding a chicken nugget in his hand that someone had thrown at him during his performance. He stopped for a moment to try to find out who did it.

The funny occurrence has fans in stitches, and no one knows how the delicious treat arrived on stage. Fans then requested him to eat it, to which he replied that he couldn’t because he was a vegetarian. “I don’t eat chicken. Sorry. I don’t eat meat,” Harry Styles stated in the video. Then, after throwing the chicken nuggets back into the crowd, he added, “Don’t eat it. It’s on the ground. We’ll get you another nugget.”



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