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Country Superstar Miranda Lambert is Brought to Tears by Soldier’s Sign

Published on August 24th, 2016 | Updated on August 24th, 2016 | By FanFest

You can say what you want about Country Music.  It’s not a genre that’s for everyone but, if there’s one thing you have to admit about the majority of Country Music artists; it’s that they have a lot of love for their fans and a lot of American pride.  Miranda Lambert is the embodiment of both of these characteristics.

It’s not all that rare for Lambert to get choked up on stage.  She’s had an emotional year and, many of her songs which she performs are extremely personal, especially her hit The House That Built Me.  While Lambert didn’t write this particular song, it certainly hits home (pun intended) for her as the lyrics perfectly sync up with almost every aspect of her childhood.

This past weekend, during a concert in Hartford, CT, Lambert began to perform her tear-jerker of a hit when something in the front row caught her eye.  It was a man (a soldier) with a sign.  While it’s common for fans to make signs for artist to see from the stage, it’s rare for one to have this kind of an impact.

Mid-verse, you can see Lambert’s facial expression change before she shrugs her shoulders and exclaims, “Really!??  Stop it!”

She stops singing and walks over to the soldier with the sign and displays his message for all to see.  The sign read:

3 combat tours… Your voice was the last thing I listened to EVERY NIGHT!  THANK YOU!!!

Tears begin to freely stream down Lambert’s face as the crowd cheers louder and she shares this man’s message with her band.  Unable to finish the song, Lambert’s fans jump in for the save and sing the rest of the emotional tune.

You better have tissues ready for this!  Check out the emotional moment below from YouTube.  You can also check out the second video below from a fan Instagram account which shows the soldier in the crowd crying right along with Lambert.

We’re not crying!  YOU’RE CRYING! Ok, we’re also crying….


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