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‘Gotham’: Cory Michael Smith Talks Riddler Costume and Episode 13 Trailer Finally Shows a Living Jerome

Published on January 19th, 2017 | Updated on January 19th, 2017 | By FanFest

We here at Fan Fest are such big fans of Gotham and we were so excited when it came back last Monday! Like after every episode, there is a trailer that follows for the next episode. This one, unlike the others, finally shows a Jerome that is alive. Take a look:


This coming episode of Gotham is called ‘Smile Like You Mean It’, and it’s very fitting to the whole Jerome situation.


Here is the official synopsis for this episode:

On the run from Gordon and Bullock, Dwight (guest star David Dastmalchian) tries to revive Jerome (guest star Cameron Monaghan) and, in turn, activates his acolytes around Gotham City. Meanwhile, Selina’s mom’s (guest star Ivana Milicevic) intentions in Gotham are revealed, and the power play between Penguin and Nygma escalates as Barbara’s plans are set in place.


We’re still very curious as to what other iconic person Ben McKenzie is going to be. There was an interview before the third season of Gotham started where he said he would be turning into another iconic DC Comic character. We are very excited!


But there are more exciting things to come, as one of the episodes is called ‘How The Riddler Got His Name’. My personally, I’ve been waiting for ages for a new Riddler on the screen. So far, Cory Michael Smith is doing a perfect job!

Cory Michael Smith had a talk with Cinemablend and told them exactly how it will look.

“It is performative; not in a Jim Carrey way. I want him to be kind of showy. So, what we have as the Riddler costume is really classy, and that’s kind of what we wanted.”


Even though he will have the green suit and the question marks, there is one thing that is missing in the classic Riddler costume; the cane. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be there for the future!

To give you some inside scoop, I do not have a cane yet, but I want one so badly for a few different reasons. I won’t tell you all of them so I don’t spoil anything, but I’m pitching very hard for a cane. Plus, we do have somewhere to go and add some stuff, so maybe in the future, there will be a cane. But I want him to be someone who deserves a fucking cane. He needs to be someone that’s just begging for a cane.


Everything will be revealed in time, but first our next episode is this Monday evening on FOX! Don’t miss Jerome’s return!!


Cinemablend Source

Credits to FOX for the picture and the video

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