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Cooper Andrews on His Role in ‘Shazam!’

Published on August 17th, 2018 | Updated on August 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

Nearly one month ago the first look for Shazam! hit the internet from San Diego Comic Con. Not much is known for this movie, but the trailer proved to us that we should be excited and ready for this film to hit the theaters next year.

Another cast member that stars in the film is Cooper Andrews, known for his famous role as Jerry in The Walking Dead. He sat down for an interview with ComicBookMovie and gave a little more detail to his role as a foster father to Billy Batson (Asher angel) also known as Shazam in the comics.

” I can say that he’s such a fun character to play. I always play some version of a happy guy but this is a fatherly version. This movie was so well-written and is one of the best scripts I’ve read…and I’ve read a few! This one was just so impressive and I feel like it connects in an actual, genuine way and I really think people are going to see why and I think they’ll become attached the same way I did. As far as my character goes, I’m excited. He tells the dad jokes…he’s just this good-natured guy that’s not trying to impose anything on anybody. With these kids, these foster kids, there’s a fine line that he has to walk to guide them and it’s going to be cool.” – Cooper Andrews

In my eyes, I don’t think this movie can’t go wrong at all. Everyone who has worked in or on this movie has been praising it from the very start. The trailer didn’t give much away, but most of the people were loving what they saw. Of course, there is always this scared little voice in the back of my head that will only calm down when I finally see this movie in April. As Billy Batson’s story is very dark and tragic, I don’t know just how much they’ll move away from that part in the comics. I’m hoping on a well-balanced film with just the amount of humor to break the darkness.

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Shazam! will hit theaters on April 5, 2019.



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