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Cool Cats NFT Releases New NFT Cool Pets

Published on February 9th, 2022 | Updated on February 9th, 2022 | By FanFest

Today, the company is known for its Cool Cats NFT collection, Realistic Animal Lovers (RAL), released a series of new NFTs called Cool Pets. Cool Pets, Cool Cats’ companions are tiny creatures that hatch as eggs and grow into one-of-a-kind heroes. The development of Pets with Interactive Playthings is the first in the gaming industry to be guided by actions taken by its user throughout their developing phases. There are more than 178 million distinct combinations possible among a small pool of Cool Pets.

Following the debut of Cool Pets, Cool Cats launched Cooltopia, a new sort of game in which players send their Cool Pets on adventures to gather resources needed for their development. Each Cool Pet is assigned an element by combining the food supplied by its owners with the items they provide. Each Cool Pet eventually receives a specific quality: grass, fire, water, or air, with more elements added over time. There are over 100 different quests to complete, including fan favorites like Save the Forest, Go Greet the Frogs, Sniff for Danger, and Get to Know the Townsfolk. Additional missions will be added in future updates.

Users may also discover the Cool Shop, an in-game market where they can acquire goods for their Cool Cats right away, as well as a marketplace where they may buy, sell, or trade supplies with other Cool Pet owners. The Cool Shop and the marketplace enable Cool Pet owners to maintain track of their crypto assets while also connecting with the Cool Cats community. Cool Cats is a collectible card game that allows players to buy and trade virtual assets, allowing them to enjoy a pastime they like while earning various benefits.

“Cool Pet owners are purchasing a one-of-a-kind work of art that’s also their way into a genuinely entertaining game, where they’re directing each interaction of a novel and differentiated NFT experience,” said Chris Hassett, CEO of Cool Cats. “Our platform and marketplace support the highly engaged Cool Pet owner who wants to quickly reveal their Cool Pet’s final form, as well as the casual owner who takes a more measured approach to forming their Cool Pet. Either way, it’s just plain fun. And it’s breaking new ground within the NFT community. We’ve created an entire interactive world for those who want to participate in shaping how their final-form NFT rarity turns out.”

The Expanding World of Cooltopia

The next stage in the Cooltopia NFT gaming ecosystem’s evolution is Pets. The ecosystem began with the release of Cool Cats in July 2021. On the Ethereum blockchain, Cool Cats are a group of programmatically generated NFTs that are randomly created. The first generation contains 9,999 Cool Cats made from more than 300,000 total options. A single Cool Cat has a distinct body, hat, face, and outfit. As of this writing, Cool Cats is one of the most well-known NFT projects in terms of market value, with a total worth of more than $250 million.

Cool Pets are a type of companion to Cool Cats in which you can play with them, engage with them, and have fun with your favorite feline. They’re also part of a larger narrative inside the game, and they help you earn $MILK as you progress through the tale. The $MILK in this game is used to purchase randomly designed mystery Pet Boxes, which offer items that can be applied to influence the Cool Pet’s ultimate form or sold in the market. This feature allows Cool Pet owners to get the things they want or need in order to chart their Cool Pet’s path at a quicker time.

Owners can’t influence the NFT’s ultimate elemental form, but they may select the Cool Pet’s distinct qualities as part of its type to maintain its individuality. For example, two Cool Pets can consume the same diet from egg to adult form; however, while they will both turn out to be the same material, they will have distinct and separate characteristics.

Cool Pets may now be acquired in a variety of ways, including as follows: Cool Cat holders can claim one Cool Pet for free (plus gas expenses), whereas Allowlist holders were able to claim 1 Cool Pet for 0.5 ETH during the minting event. During public minting, you may acquire a Pet for 0.5 ETH or afterward on the secondary market through OpenSea after mint.

There will be 9,999 Cool Cat holders and 10,000 during the mint event. In 2022, Cool Cats will continue to invest heavily in innovation and will release its fracture system, an in-game mechanism that will allow players to grow and tell even more backstory into the world of Cooltopia. The fracture system will also add two new element types to the Cool Pets universe. This means you’ll have more opportunities to expand the Cool Cats audience and provide even more value to the original Cool Cat and Cool Pet holders.

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