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So since I wasn’t able to
recap the first two episodes of the CW’s
Containment, here’s what has
happened so far…

So we start
off with the
pilot episode which opens to a group of national guardsmen
entering pure chaos.
Citizens are
in a panic, screaming, crying and looting. We see many of the core

characters in distress so obviously this
is a flash forward of what is to come



Katie Frank (Kristen

Gutoskie), a school teacher,
takes her students, including her son Quentin,
on a field trip to Atlanta
Midtown Hospital. While arriving,
her son is
intrigued by the delivery of lab rats that are on their way into
the hospital.
An already
infected Dr. Rita Sanders (Elyse

Levesque) is explaining to Dr. Cannerts (George
from the CDC, about her
contacts with patients that day. She informs him that
there had been no
direct high risk contact with any
bodily fluids. She does,
however recall a young Syrian gentleman who came in
with flu-like symptoms but

decided to leave against medical advice. She realizes that upon him leaving,
had him sign a document
in his chart using her pen. She places that same pen
into her lab coat and
goes about her day.

Police Officer Alex
‘Lex’ Carnahan (David

Gyasi) and his long time
girlfriend, Jana Mayfield (Christina

Moses), are packing up her belongings to move them to his apartment. He

realizes that for the third
time she is having doubts and when Lex goes
downstairs to meet his awaiting
partner Jake Riley (Chris
she apparently has changed
her mind once again. He receives a phone call
ordering him to attend a
health department briefing regarding a
‘possible flu
outbreak’. Dr. Cannerts informs everyone present that the
patient who left is
contagious and needs to be found before he infects other people. In walks

Sabine Lommers (Claudia
informing all that if
she is there then they all need to be

Teresa Keaton (Hanna Mangan

Lawrence) is pregnant and
works at her mom’s shop. She is planning on
running away with her baby daddy
Xander (Demetrius

Bridges), that same

Back at the briefing, Dr Cannerts believes
that the Syrian man
is ‘patient zero’ and that,
besides Dr. Sanders, there are
three more cases of infected individuals.
Those three are traced back to have

had contact with Dr. Sanders. She became symptomatic approximately 16 hours

after contact with patient
zero. He recommends a hospital lock down. At this
point the virus is

Lex gives Jake
details about patient
zero. Katie and the kids are about to leave the
hospital but are stopped because

the hospital has been locked down. Lommers asks Lex to be the ‘public face’
the crisis because people
like him and he can keep them calm. Lex believes there
is something that the
feds are not saying. She informs
him that after all the
illness she has seen, this virus is something she has
never encountered


Jake and another officer find the whereabouts of patient
Sayid and his family at the
home of his uncle who informs the officers that he
got into the country on a
cargo plane. They find him in
bed with another sickly
looking woman, possibly his aunt or mother, caring
for him. He attempts to flee

but is stopped at the door and taken into custody and to the


Katie’s son Quentin and a
friend goes off on their own and she
goes in search of them. She runs into
Jake talking to Dr. Cannerts about
Dr. Cannerts tells Jake that as a precaution he should stay at the
Katie asks if they
have seen the boys and Jake offers to help but both a warned
to stay 4 to 6
feet away from each other. They
head for the research labs and
come across an exam room with the dead bodies
of Dr, Sanders and her


At another briefing, Dr. Cannerts is giving city and

government officials an update
regarding ‘patient zero’ whose condition has
worsened. He dies shortly
after arrival. They are also
informed that his family
that he was living with have also shown signs of
illness and have been brought

in as well. It is declared that the virus is “extremely pathogenic, highly

contagious and fatal in 100%
of its victims.”

Katie finds Quentin with
the lab rats. She and Jake
introduce themselves to each
other. Dr. Bobby Carver

Oberoi) finds them and let’s them know that per the lockdown, no one is
leave the hospital for at
least 48-hours. He suddenly sneezes and a scared Katie
runs off the find Dr.

It is confirmed
that the virus is a
strain of influenza A (H7N2). A type of Avian flu that
was not able to be
from human to human until this point. The virus was manipulated to
be able
to be transmitted to humans.
Patient Zero purposely brought it into the
country where he infected Dr,
Sanders. Having bio-terrorism
concerns, the CDC
decides to take whatever measures needed to contain the

tells Lex
that the portion of the city will be placed under quarantine…’CORDON‘.

Later that night, fences
barricades are put in
place. Lommers makes a public announcement regarding the
incubation period
of the virus. 16-48 hours from
initial contact and that it is
passed through fluids. Lex and Xander find
that Jana and Teresa are stuck
the quarantined area.

Episode closes with a
brief flash forward of the same opening


EPISODE 2 – NIGHT 1 – ‘I To Die, You To


Dr. Cannerts is
filming the autopsy of patient
zero while the officials look on. Lommers is
informing them that not to panic.

Currently there is no vaccine or a cure and that up to that point it has a
mortality rate and that
the only way to insure public safety is to make sure
that it is contained
withing the boundaries that have
been set. To their
knowledge, all the people that have been exposed are
inside said ‘cordon’ and
been contained.

During autopsy we see flashes of the other infected

people within the hospital. Dr.
Cannerts slices open the spleen and blood
splatters all over his protective
gear. He confirms that from the
time of
exposure to time of death is less than 48 hrs.

Lex talkes to
Jana who
didn’t realize that
she was inside the cordon. She seeks refuge in her office to
which Lex tells
her that it’s probably the
safest place for her. He tells her
that he will come for her in 47 hours at
the most, since an hour has
since quarantine began.

Teresa and Xander are talking when she
gets a
call from her friend
who is at a party, to go over. Jana and her co workers are
stuck in their
office building. She divides
whatever food they have equally by
three. As Lex is briefing the other
officers in what their goal is, we see
infected Elizabeth Franklin (Elle

Roberts) coming home from
a night out. Jake talks to Lex over the phone
going over who is infected
inside the cordon. While talking, he
goes through the
belongings of patient zero’s family and swipes through the
pictures on the
phone. The son took a picture with Elizabeth who is now sick but now
knows where she is or who she has
had contact with.



informs officials about Elizabeth. And Jake takes the phone to the sick son
ask who the girl is. His
mom is very hush hush but his aunt tells Jake that they
didn’t know her and
he didn’t tell them about her
because they wouldn’t have

As Teresa washes her face at her
mom’s store, her friend Aimee


Naves) shows up and
invites her to a party. She hugs and kisses her several
times but Teresa
tells her that she will catch up
with her due to a phone call
she receives from her Grandpa. They pull up
street surveillance after finding

out that Elizabeth never made it home from the night before. From where they

stand it looks like she is
still within the cordon and has not moved her
location since the quarantine
was set in place.

they cannot send an
outside team in to find her they have to send whoever
they have on the inside,
is Jake.

Meanwhile, Katie finds a discrepancy in Dr. Cannerts

statements to officials. She asks why
was it said that patient zero died before
Dr. Sanders and her boyfriend died
when they clearly saw their
bodies even
before patient zero had died. Cannerts replies that everyone’s
immune system is


Jake arrives at
the building where Elizabeth is believed to
be. Upon entry, it is noticeable

that it is some type of party house where everyone is either passed out or
drugs. He comes across a
couple who turns out to be Aimee and her boyfriend.
Jake continues his
search and finds a very sick Elizabeth
collapsed on the

Teresa arrives at her grandparents house
where she hears on the
news about
a group of teens being exposed to the virus and realizes that one of
was Aimee and surprise turns to
fear because she kissed her on the cheek.
Fearing the worst, she quickly
leaves as to not expose her
grandmother just in

Cannerts informs Lommers and Lex that more
calls are coming in
more kids that were exposed at the party not including Elizabeth,
Aimee and
her boyfriend. All three are put
into isolation rooms.



Lommers tells Lex that they cannot trace all those

exposed and until the virus
has died out…they cannot break the cordon. Lex
asks how do they get the
healthy people out of the cordon
and Lommers remains
silent. Lex realizes that they don’t.

tells Katie that she can
the parents to pick up their children. She asks that if the quarantine is

over and he tells her that the city
quarantine had been extended. Katie stays
behind with the kids and at first
Jake was going to leave but also
decides to
stay. Lex also informs Jana that the quarantine was extended and
tells her that
even though he
may not be able to tell her things that he still loves

Teresa is
in a panic because of Aimee and
believing she was also
exposed. Xander tells her he’s going in. Chaos and
panic starts to set in with
citizens who notice shipping containers being set up as barricades to keep

them inside.

So there you
have it…what has happened so far. I will be
back later with a recap of
Episode 103.

Containment airs
Tuesday nights,
9 pm on the CW.

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