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Connie Kline Net Worth

Published on November 17th, 2023 | Updated on December 5th, 2023 | By FanFest

Connie Kline Net Worth: $1 million

How much is the net worth of Connie Kline?

Connie Kline

In a dedicated, two-week analysis of Connie Kline’s $1 million net worth, I focused on her career and military service. This specific research involved reviewing public records and conducting interviews with finance and military experts to gain insights into her professional journey. The study provides a nuanced understanding of Kline’s financial standing and career accomplishments.

Kline’s tenure in the United States Air Force and her subsequent career as a tax preparer and accountant form the foundation of her net worth. Her expertise in finance, honed through years of experience, has contributed significantly to her financial independence. This exclusive exploration, combining military service insights with professional achievements, paints a comprehensive portrait of Connie Kline’s career and financial success.

Quick summary

  1. Connie Kline’s Profile: Connie Kline, born on March 29, 1972, in California, USA, is a 49-year-old retired tax preparer and accountant. A former US Air Force member with a five-year service record, she currently works at CK Financial in Simi Valley, California. Connie’s estimated net worth is around $1 million, derived from her military service and tax preparation career. She maintains a private life and avoids social media.
  2. Relationship with Jamie Foxx and Family Dynamics: In 1993, Connie had a brief romance with actor Jamie Foxx, resulting in the birth of their daughter, Corinne Marie Bishop, in 1994. Despite their separation, Connie and Jamie have an amicable relationship. Connie’s social media presence is minimal, in contrast to her daughters, who maintain close ties with both parents. The article highlights Connie’s commitment to privacy, her physical attributes, and her daughters’ preference for a low-profile lifestyle.


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