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COLONY: Shockers from episode 208 ‘Good Intentions’

Published on March 4th, 2017 | Updated on March 4th, 2017 | By FanFest

What happened on Colony episode 208 “Good Intentions”? Or should I say, what didn’t happen? This episode was chock-full of shockers!

Colony is consistently bringing the heat in season 2 with plot twists, crazy reveals, and shockers galore. Seriously, if you are reading this but not yet watching Colony, get on board!

Let’s take a look at the biggest shockers of Colony season 2 episode 8. Just when you think your mind has been blown, another “oh, snap” moment catches you off guard.

Simon leaves the bunker . . . for good

Simon Eckhart has been whining about being underground all season. The group leaves briefly to inspect a baited drone, but then it’s back inside. Eckhart continues to be frustrated with Broussard’s leadership. And in episode 6 of season 2, Simon exits the bunker in frustration after BB’s death. He finds “MISSING” posters of his mum.

This week, Simon makes plans for a more permanent exit from the bunker. He enlists Morgan to join him in giving up Broussard as a play to leave the cell. Morgan agrees.

Broussard returns from a visit to Hennessy and is met with Simon pointing a gun at him. But in an unexpected turn of events, Morgan whacks Simon on the head and Broussard stabs Simon.

So, Simon gets to leave the bunker for good, in a body bag, not quite the way he had planned. And it appears that Broussard has a new protege in young Morgan.

‘Prison Break’ (before it’s too late!)

I had to give a little nod to one of Sarah Wayne Callies’ other fan favorites! But in all seriousness, Snyder and Bram have to make a break from the labor camp before it’s too late.

It’s Governor General Helena Goldwin to the rescue! She bursts into the labor camp telling Snyder he must leave now. Snyder, thinking he is in trouble, insists that no trace of involvement in the ship explosion will be found at the camp. Little does he know just how much “trouble” he is in.

Again, Helena insists that he leave with her because she is trying to save him. The two exchange a few private words and Snyder calls for a reluctant Bram to join him. They get in the vehicle and the convoy peels away from the camp – just in time to escape its explosion! The labor camp is completely eradicated.

And the award goes to  . . .

Will is tasked with returning to the Red Hand base to look for any remaining traces of intel about the cell. He is met with a woman named Karen, who explains that she is Frankie’s mother. She is looking for her daughter and is completely distraught to learn of Frankie’s ultimate demise.

Karen unleashes her torment on Will, crying and screaming about the loss of her daughter as well as her disdain for the Authority. It is no doubt a very emotional scene.

Later we find Dan Bennett questioning the young man Emmett that Will allowed to escape from the Red Hand hideout. Emmett does not reveal Will’s role in his escape but does reveal that the leader of the Red Hand cell is none other than Frankie’s mom, Karen! Wait, what?!

Class is cancelled . . . forever

Lindsey’s frustration with Charlie’s “subversive” behavior is growing rapidly. She speaks sternly to him at a Greatest Day event when he continues to bounce his ball. And by sternly I mean threatening to take him away from his family!

Back at the Bowman house, Lindsey reprimands Charlie for pulling Gracie away from her lesson. As she follows the pair to the stairs, armed hostiles burst through the front door and fire upon Lindsey. Gracie’s tutor falls victim to the Red Hand group who is presumably targeting Will now that he knows Karen Brandt.

Will and Katie return home horrified as they step through the door. They carefully search the house for Red Hands taking out each remaining hostile until much to their relief, they find Charlie and Gracie hiding out on the roof. Charlie is a hero indeed!

Home Sweet Home . . . wait

The Bowmans have been moved to a new location after the Red Hand assault on their home. Their new digs are not nearly as impressive, but Katie assures Gracie that they will make it feel like home.

Snyder pulls up to the house and learns of the Bowman’s relocation. He takes Bram to their new home and the reunion is beyond touching, especially the one between Bram and brother Charlie.

But we cannot allow ourselves to feel warm and fuzzy for long. All the Bowmans are finally reunited. But how long can they hide from the Red Hands? And what will Bennett have to say?

Tune in next week for another all new episode of Colony. I do not expect the intensity of the Colony story to decrease any time soon. By the looks of the previews for next week, I suspect we should be prepared for more heart-racing adventures.

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