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‘COLONY’: Highlights from episode 3.12 ‘Bonzo’

Published on July 18th, 2018 | Updated on January 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Things heat up fast on Colony as Will puts himself in harm’s way and Snyder hunts for Kynes.

We are on the precipice of the Colony season 3 finale, which airs next week on July 25th. This week  interim Seattle Governor Snyder has all resources focused on finding Kynes who is on the run after an extra-terrestrial encounter. The Seattle Outliers band together to try to find Kynes before Snyder can. Interestingly, not all volunteers are included in the effort. Finally, Bram makes a “family” decision for Gracie.

A message from out of this world

The episode opens with with what I believe is a flashback of Kynes reviewing footage from the field test we saw last week with the two pod Outliers being taken down by an elusive enemy. Kynes suggests that the IGA Outliers need more weapons. The IGA lab representative disagrees.

Kynes takes matters into his own hands and decides he needs to talk to “her”. “She” appears to be one of the enemy aliens of the hosts, “the enemy of my enemy”. Kynes goes into a chamber armed with a mask, a silver marker, and leotard. Kynes appears to struggle in the chamber’s atmosphere but comes out with a message in marker on his forearm.

A game of cat and mouse begins

The communications network remains down. Kynes is on the run and Snyder is intent on finding him.

Kynes wants security guard (and Outlier) Ford to transport him to the Bellevue bloc. Meanwhile, Lt. Garland has ordered roadblocks all around Seattle. When Kynes’ convoy comes under attack he politely commandeers the vehicle of two young Community Patrol officers.

Kynes and Ford go to a black site location they call Bonzo. It is a highly secured bunker of sorts as well as an armory. Kynes reactivates the phones of his Outliers only and enlists their help in rescuing him before the IGA can get to him. Everett Kynes explains that his ultimate calling is to build a world not ruled by the IGA. He says he has the tools to make it happen and wants their help. The Outliers rally.

Bram is called into patrol duty via a message about needing “all hands on deck”. The IGA’s hunt for Kynes picks up speed when they reassign IGA officers to replace the Community Patrol sergeants.

A new partner

Slowly but surely, Katie is being given a backseat in the Resistance movement. First, she is clearly hurt when she hears Broussard refer to Amy as his “partner” telling O’Neill that Amy is a doctor. Broussard referred to Katie as his “partner” when vouching for her to Morgan’s group in season 1. Things have changed.

To make matters worse, Will calls her a “liability” and tells her to stay behind with the kids. When Katie explains that the kids also need Will, he suggests otherwise. Will begins to sound like he is not planning to make it back home. Amy joins Broussard and Will as they leave for the rescue mission.

If that were not bad enough, Bram sneaks Gracie out of the house to take her somewhere he deems safer. Katie is unknowingly left all alone at the house as she sleeps by the fire.

A bloody showdown

The Seattle Outliers make it to Bonzo, but the IGA is not far behind. Snyder is interrogating Community Patrol Sergeants. Sergeant Barnes, the father of Bram’s girlfriend, folds quickly and declares his loyalty to the IGA. Barnes gives up the two officers who gave Kynes their patrol vehicle for his escape.

After questioning the two patrol officers, Snyder and the IGA learn of Bonzo and track down the location. The Seattle Outliers make their way through the building as the IGA pulls up on the perimeter.

Ford is killed in the firefight. Will offers to try to hold off the IGA solo while Broussard, Amy, and the rest of the Outliers guide Kynes out of the building. Does Will have a death wish? He fights off soldiers one by one and enters a room where we hear multiple gunshots. Is Will okay?

The Outliers get Kynes to the parking garage to exit in an Ambulance staged nearby. Suddenly, Lt. Garland fires a shot at Kynes. Broussard gets Kynes in the ambulance as Amy tends to his injury. It sounds dicey as the ambulance barrels out of the parking garage.

What’s next?

Snyder is feeling defeated, but Garland does not think Kynes can survive the wound. Then again, he does not know about doctor Amy.

We learn that Bram has taken Gracie to his girlfriend’s house thinking it was their best option. Sgt. Barnes arrives home to find them and tells Bram he made a good decision. But is it really a good decision? Now Bram and Gracie are holed up with a collaborator who easily caved under Snyder’s interrogation.

The curfew sirens blare as we see a figure approaching slowly. It is Will. Thankfully, he survived the fight at Bonzo, but he is bloodied, battle-worn, and exposed in the open. Everyone has been worried about Will’s state of mind and there certainly seems to be a good reason to be.

Tune in next week for the season 3 finale of Colony to find out how Kynes’ plan shakes out.


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