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‘COLONY’: Highlights of episode 3.03 ‘Sierra Maestra’

Published on May 17th, 2018 | Updated on May 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

The third episode of Colony finds the Bowmans  not being treated quite the way they expected at the Resistance camp.

The Bowmans are settling in at the Resistance camp during episode 3.01 of Colony. Charlie and Gracie begin school. Katie is working on a homework assignment. Will, Bram and Snyder report for their respective jobs.

Meanwhile, Broussard and Amy (formerly known as Dispatch) are on their journey north. They encounter another group of survivors as well as a mysterious facility.

Fans also enjoyed a special treat this week with leading man Josh Holloway live tweeting with the viewers!

Not quite what they expected

The Bowman family sets out to make the new Resistance camp home. Interestingly, they are met with some resistance of their own. The leader of the compound, Andrew MacGregor, makes a visit. He assigns Katie the job of writing down all the intelligence she gathered from her time in the Los Angeles Colony.

When Katie requests to see the Click (or RAP), MacGregor says she must prove herself first. She pushes back reminding him that they risked their lives to bring the gauntlet to the camp. He suggests she complete the written assignment if she wants to get closer to the Click.

Katie and Will expected to be given access to the Click right away since they provided the missing piece of its “anatomy”. They are frustrated and confused when they are told to wait.

Gathering intelligence

Charlie and Gracie join the classroom. Will begins work in the fields. Katie begins her writing assignment. Bram and Snyder also report for duty.

Will attempts to strike up a conversation with a fellow field worker. All is well until Will begins inquiring about Noa’s ally, the man with the Bugs Bunny tattoo. The other field worker shuts down the conversation.

Snyder makes an interesting discovery during his stint in the stencils department. Crates are being labeled with the phoenix logo from the Occupation. What’s that about?

Turning in the assignment

Katie finishes her data dump. She sets out to take it to MacGregor when she is stopped by an armed guard. He tells her she cannot walk around alone and that he is her security detail.

Katie resists asking why she needs security detail and asks about the location of the Click. The guard grabs her to stop her from going in that direction. Katie pulls away telling him not to touch her and demands to be escorted to Vincent, the man who brought them to the camp.

Katie convinces Vincent to take her to see MacGregor and where the Click is housed. Katie hears noise and sees shadows behind a curtain. MacGregor says she may be able to see the Click after he reads her notes. He explains that they are slowly and carefully approaching the attachment of the gauntlet.

A plea to flee

Later that night, Snyder takes Will outside to talk about his hesitations about the camp. He tells Will that camp is being run like a Colony complete with curfews, a prohibition on electronics and other restrictions. Will agrees that things seem unusual.

Snyder makes a plea for them to leave. He is especially nervous that someone will discover his true identity. Will refuses and wants to give it more time. He says Snyder is free to go. Snyder reminds him that he cannot survive alone.

Click say what?

As the Bowmans and “Uncle Alan” begin to settle in for the night. Suddenly, everyone in the camp hears a high-pitched screeching noise. Snyder tells them that the Click is “online”.

Will and Katie run to the Click. MacGregor is fiercely trying to make the noise stop. He disconnects something and the screeching stops. Will expresses his amazement that the Click is actually a machine. The Click then repeats the same words in a robotic version of Will’s voice.

Katie speaks. The Click repeats her words in a robotic Katie voice. MacGregor speaks and again the Click repeats the words. The Bowmans begin an actual dialog with the Click asking what it wants.

They are stunned to learn that the hosts are on the run from an enemy species and that the hosts think of the humans as allies. Considering that the hosts’ actions killed and oppressed humans, Will and Katie question how the hosts could call them allies.

Just as the conversation gets interesting, MacGregor turns off the Click.

Dead Zone

Broussard and Amy see an encampment of survivors in the distance. Amy wants to ask them for a ride. Broussard does not so easily trust people. Amy convinces him to talk with them reminding him that he is armed.

As they approach a man tells them to stop. Amy explains that they are friendly and have skills to offer being a doctor and a former Marine. The man agrees to help them if they can assist in getting medication that his wife needs.

The medicine is housed in a supply location called a dead zone guarded heavily by the walker drones. They want Broussard to use his military skills to find a way to access the building. Broussard resists telling Amy that these survivors are “amateurs” and too much of a risk. She reminds him that they have managed to stay alive all this time and that they themselves also need supplies for their journey.

Broussard begrudginly agrees. They sneak into the building and begin gathering supplies. As expected the other survivors are not the best at following orders and do not exit the building in a timely fashion. All of a sudden a truck comes barreling toward the building with a walker drone behind it.

The walker takes out everyone in sight except for Broussard and Amy who quickly hide inside a storage container. This duo survives and gather supplies but do not get their ride.

An eerie discovery

Broussard and Amy journey through the night. Amy trips in the darkness. Something feels weird. Broussard picks up a rock and drops it. As you would expect, it falls to the ground. Then pulls a bullet from his gun and places it in his hnad, The bullet floats in the air before them.

They get up to leave and we get a glimpse of a strange building lit up in the distance. It has a domed roof with something like skylights all over it. It is bathed in light. The duo does not approach. As they walk away, Amy is unsteady and says she does not feel good.

They journey forward and attempt to radio the camp to tell them about their discovery. They are unable to reach anyone. It appears that the communications have been shut down for the camp. This is unsettling but the two journey onward.

This episode is both exciting and unnerving. Will and Katie actually speak with a RAP, only to find out that their oppressors think they are on the same side! The strange environment and building that Broussard and Amy encounter sets up new mysteries to explore. Also, we still do not seem to know everything about the Resistance camp.

Colony keeps us engaged and guessing at the same time. Tune in for the next episode on USA Network on 5/23.






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