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‘COLONY’: Highlights from season 3 finale ‘What Goes Around’

Published on July 27th, 2018 | Updated on July 28th, 2018 | By FanFest

‘What Goes Around’ was a dramatic episode of Colony in more ways than one. The season 3 finale suddenly became a series finale upon recent cancellation of the series on USA Network.

The episode’s director Tim Southam spoke with the Talk Colony Podcast and shared that the season 3 finale was filmed and edited as just that, a “season” finale. Tim shared that the episode set up new conflicts in hopes of more additional storytelling for a fourth season. Unfortunately, for the rabid Colony fan base, the series was not renewed for a fourth season. Fans are left to find what resolution they can in the season 3 finale.

Alien attack has begun. The host’s enemy alien species is attacking Earth. Even the IGA elite in Switzerland are not immune to the attack. Garland asks Snyder what orders the hosts have given them. Snyder replies that there are none. He merely has an emergency phone to directly contact the hosts.

Will has been captured by the IGA military force in Seattle. Snyder talks to Will and tells him that their only hope to save Seattle from the attack is to provide 150 more Outliers to the host. Snyder tells Will that he selected him to work for him back in Los Angeles because Will is a “good man”. Snyder implores Will to make the Outlier transaction happen.

Will takes the plan to Broussard and the other free roaming Outliers. Broussard gives a rousing speech to enlist volunteers for meeting the Outlier quota. Will is the first to volunteer. Others follow.

Broussard reaches out to other Outlier factions living in Seattle. Their numbers grow. The Resistance movement heads to one of Kynes’ facilities where they can go underground with supplies until it is time to resurface and continue the fight.

The enemy alien group fires upon Seattle but the assault is diverted by the host’s force shield surrounding Seattle. It seems like Outlier exchange worked and Seattle is safe. How does this translate for the Bowmans and our other favorite characters? Let’s take a look at where everyone lands at the episode’s end.

Bram and Gracie

Bram and Gracie have moved in with his girlfriend’s family. Meadow’s dad Sal also works on Community Patrol and is a loyal follower of IGA orders in hopes of keeping his family safe. Sal makes it clear to Bram that he expects Bram to comply with orders at well if he is going to be living in his house.

Katie makes a visit to Bram at work asking where Gracie is. Bram refuses to give his mother Gracie’s whereabouts but assures her that she is safe with his friends.


Helena Goldwyn has a long history of escaping the wrath of the hosts. She also tries to keep as many others safe as she can. Unfortunately, she has some bad intel about the safety of the IGA in Davos. The host’s enemy has infiltrated the bunker. Helena is eliminated by the enemy.


Alan Snyder has a way of weaseling out of many a sticky situation. He manages to come out unscathed physically when then hosts protect Seattle with the force shield. We are not certain how he may fare emotionally.

We are not certain, but the whole ordeal seems to be wearing on him. True, he managed to keep Seattle safe, but at what cost? He may have said he never wants to see Will or his family again, but I have to think their history means something to him.

There is no doubt, however, that Snyder is a consummate survivor. He watches from the window as the force shield deflects the enemy attacks.

Broussard and Amy

Amy manages to save Kynes’ life with her expert medical skills. She also becomes a strong supporter of Broussard and encourages him to take on a leadership role in the Resistance.

Broussard does just that and leaves behind his “lone wolf” persona to accept the responsibility of truly leading the other Outliers. Amy and Broussard seem to make a good team and balance one another well.

Broussard and Amy are presumably safe in the bunker.


Katie reaches out to Will to clear the air and figure out where to go from here. They talk about their grief over Charlie and speculate on how to recover from all that has transpired. They agree to focus on being honest and getting their family back together.

Katie goes to the refugee camp and Michelle helps her identify an address for Meadow based on the photo of her. Katie apologizes to Michelle for not treating or more fairly.

Katie heads out to find the kids. Her plan falls short when the IGA closes the gate to Seattle and she is unable to get back inside the wall. Enemy fire is deflected from inside Seattle, but Katie is outside the colony. It looks like enemy fire is headed her way. We fear that Katie will not survive or ever be able to tell her kids that she has decided to put them first.


Will tells Katie to take care of the kids and that he will find them when things are safe. Katie does not know that Will decides to volunteer for the host Outlier army. In a very sobering moment, we watch Will enter a pod not knowing if we will ever see him again. He is an amazing fighter, but can he possibly survive being put on the front lines against enemy alien attack?

While not planned as a series finale for Colony, the episode leaves us with the Bowmans separated from one another. That is the last thing this family wanted when the series began. From the very beginning, Will wanted to find a way to get Charlie back from Santa Monica and reunite their family.

Director Tim Southam does suggest a little hope for the idea of the Bowmans finding their way home to one another again. Had there been a fourth season, those plot points could possibly have been explored. At this point, we will never know, but I would like to think “where there is a ‘Will’ there is a way”.



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