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COLONY: Highlights from season 2 finale “Ronin”

Published on April 7th, 2017 | Updated on April 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

There is one thing you can always count on with USA Network’s Colony.  It will keep you guessing. 

Thankfully, the network’s recent announcement of Colony‘s renewal for season 3 gives fans hope for more answers in the series’ very engaging mix of sci-fi and drama. The season finale episode is full of intensity and surprises making it a stellar (see what I did there?) end to Colony‘s sophomore season.

The season 2 finale of Colony titled “Ronin” answers some questions and asks new ones.


Anatomy of a Host  

  • The episode flashes back to the rescue of the RAP kidnapped by Broussard’s group in the season 1 finale. A group of seemingly human rescuers attempts to bring the host back “online”. We hear them refer to the missing gauntlet as the host’s “interface”. And they “hope the core is salvageable”.
  • Sure enough, when the spherical core is moved to another host suit, the suit appears to activate and we are told it is back online. The humans are relieved.

Evacuation is even worse than it sounds.

  • Colonists are told they are being evacuated to the San Fernando Bloc. But Helena reveals to Snyder that Total Rendition has been ordered, meaning everyone is being rounded up to be sent to the Factory.
  • Maddie is in this group with nowhere else to go. Not even The Greatest Day movement recognizes her status anymore. Snyder provided for her release from custody but not for her future.
  • Helena tells Snyder his daughter has been placed on an “exemption list” and that she has secured him a position with the Global Authority.
  • BlackHats overrule RedHats. Militia in black helmets enter the “evacuation” center, and overtake the RedHats shoving Colonists forward for the Factory.

The gauntlet is still highly sought after.

  • The Bowmans are followed back to the bunker by BlackJacks and have to make a quick fighting exit. Morgan is a casualty in the escape from the bunker. The remaining group is on the run and desperate to leave the Bloc.
  • The Hosts are still searching for the missing gauntlet, so Will wants to use it as a bargaining tool in exchange for help from Snyder to leave the Bloc.
  • Snyder investigates its value and is told he “will never want for anything again” if he can provide the whereabouts of the interface.
  • Snyder tells Will he wants to join them in exiting the Bloc because he has had a change of heart, saying he does “not want to be a rat anymore”.
  • Broussard insists on staying behind in the Los Angeles Bloc.

Burke is alive!

  • Detective Bob Burke is seen in a hospital bed singing and visiting with presumably his family. He survived the soda bottle stabbing.
  • BlackHat soldiers enter the room and announce that they have to leave in five minutes.

The Bowmans leave the Bloc.

  • The Bowmans and Snyder steal a RedHat vehicle and uniforms and make their way to the exclusion zone with gauntlet in tow. There is a standoff. An intense exchange occurs as Will and Katie reveal themselves and plea for their family to be able safely leave the Bloc.
  • Snyder and the Bowmans are allowed to drive away and exit the Bloc.
  • Helena watches sullenly from afar as the Factory ships enter the Bloc.
  • Snyder secretly pulls what appears to be a tracking device from his pocket and presses it.



  • Is Maddie headed to the Factory? Is there any hope for her escape?
  • Fans of the show have mixed levels of concern for Maddie’s well-being, but I am hoping she somehow escapes.


  • Who exactly is Burke? What is his level of authority?
  • Why is he under the protection of the BlackHats?


  • Why does Eric Broussard insist on remaining behind in the Los Angeles Bloc?
  • Will we see him again?


  • Why does Snyder want to leave the Bloc with the Bowmans? Does he really NOT want to be a rat anymore?
  • What is Snyder doing with what appears to be a tracking device? Is he actually STILL a rat?
  • Could he possibly have benevolent plans for the Bowmans or are they at risk?
  • I was hoping he was somehow jamming a signal and stopping the Factory ships. Any chance of that?
  • Is Snyder planning to give up the gauntlet, the Bowmans, or both?

The Colony season 2 finale sets up season 3 with some lingering questions as well as brand new ones. Fans are thrilled about Colony‘s renewal, so let’s hope some more answers come with it!

Newcomers (and original fans who just need their Colony fix!) can watch season 1 of the USA Network series on Netflix. Several of the most recent episodes are available on the USA NOW app. Fans can also listen tune in to the Talk Colony Podcast for lively review and discussion of past episodes.

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