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‘COLONY’: Highlights from episode 3.09 ‘The Big Empty’

Published on June 28th, 2018 | Updated on June 28th, 2018 | By FanFest

Sarah Wayne Callies makes her directorial debut in a nail-biter episode of Colony this week.

The stakes are high in Colony episode 3.09 ‘The Big Empty’. Will, Broussard, Amy and Bram team up to capture Alan Snyder for interrogation. Will plans to eliminate Snyder after he spills the beans on his knowledge of Seattle. Does Snyder make it out alive or not? Let’s take a look.

Have a good day

The day starts out like any normal day for most. The Bowmans are anything but normal lately. So, Katie is surprised when Will wishes her a good day as she leaves in the morning. Wait, Will is awake during the day? Even his presence is unusual as the couple has barely seen each other for some time, much less spoken to one another. Is there hope for these two after all?

An extended visit

Snyder visits Everett Kynes to let him know he has planned to stay a little longer in Seattle. Kynes shares that he is unable to host Snyder on any more outings. Snyder says that is not a problem. Kynes does not seem keen on Snyder roaming the colony unsupervised and assigns him a security detail.

Alan returns to his hotel before dinner with his security detail nipping at his heels. He convinces the guards that he can manage to go change his short on his own. Snyder then gets swept up by Will and company. He will need much more than a clean shirt after their confrontation.

A plan comes together

Broussard poses as a maintenance worker at the hotel. Will and Amy play the role of a happy couple reserving a room. Bram switches Community Patrol shifts with a team member so he can be the eyes and ears outside the interrogation at the hotel.

Amy catches Snyder’s eye as she “struggles” with a stash of ice buckets in the hotel hallway. He carries one of the buckets into her room. Will enters behind him and surprises him with a punch to the gut. Amy tapes Snyder’s mouth shut and calls “maintenance” to fix her toilet.

Bram gets wind of the Snyder’s security detail and shares the intel with Will. Broussard is pushing a large laundry cart with Snyder inside. They dump Snyder and move him to a room for the interrogation. It seems fitting that Snyder is ordered to sit on a toilet for the exchange.

Questions and “answers”

Broussard asks the questions and Snyder gives the answers, except his answers are not completely forthcoming. Snyder has a gift for revealing only what he wants to share and holding back some of his cards.

After a slap in the face, Snyder does give up some intel about the outliers on Blake Island. He says the outliers are the bio weapon. Broussard confirms that outliers are given a pass from attacking drones. Interestingly, Will and Broussard have also escaped attack from the drones but they are not stored in stasis chambers like other outliers we have seen.

Snyder denies knowledge of the high-tech bulletproof material that Broussard and Amy stole from the courier. Snyder says Kynes is playing by his own rules and that the IGA wants to eliminate him.

The interrogation ends when they learn that the security detail is searching for Snyder. Broussard and Amy leave Snyder alone with Will. Amy stops briefly to tell Will she has experience helping patients with PTSD.


Will does not want to talk to Amy about PTSD. He wants to talk to Snyder. Specifically, he wants Snyder to confess to getting Charlie killed.

Snyder reminds Will that he told him they should leave the Resistance camp. He argues that if Will had listened to him, Charlie would not be dead. He cries out that he is sorry. He tells Will how he cared about Charlie and buried him.

Will holds a gun to Snyder’s head. He shoves Snyder’s head in the toilet bowl after filling it with dirty mop water. In the end, however, he lets Snyder live.

Bram is none too pleased when he walks in and sees that Snyder is still alive. Bram criticizes his father for not executing Snyder and offers to do the job himself. Will explains that killing someone changes you and sticks with you. Will is stunned to learn from Bram that he knows that feeling all too well. Bram confesses to killing the ambassador in the Green Zone.

Bram feels guilty that he vouched for Snyder in the woods. Will tells Bram it is not his fault just because he convinced Will to let Snyder stay with him.


Will releases Snyder. He also encounters a release of his own. Katie finds Will on the floor crying at home. It appears that all his grief is finally being released. Katie tears up and shares a knowing look with Will. They are both in such pain. We can only hope that they can begin to face their pain together.

Amy and Broussard assume that Will went through with killing Snyder. Amy tells Broussard she is done working with Will. Broussard defends his trust in the Bowmans and walks away from the conversation.

Might Will and Katie find their way back to one another? Will Amy give Will another chance? Will Snyder cut his visit short? We have more Colony next week. Maybe we will get some of these questions answered.

Get more scoop from Sarah Wayne Callies here about her experience directing the episode in my pre-season interview with the actress.


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