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‘COLONY’: Highlights from episode 3.08 ‘Lazarus’

Published on June 21st, 2018 | Updated on June 21st, 2018 | By FanFest

Colony episode 3.08 brings us a closer look at Seattle and reunites Will and Broussard for a mission.

Actually, most of the characters this week are on a mission of some sort. Katie is determined to find out what happens to refugees assigned to Bus D. Bram works on getting a new job with the Community Patrol. Snyder makes a visit to Everett Kynes asking him for advice on rebuilding the Los Angeles colony.

Meanwhile, Katie’s attempts to reach out to Will are dismissed. Bram continues to look after Gracie and plan for her future. Broussard’s new pal Amy has doubts about Will’s well-being. We learn that Bram’s girlfriend is named Meadow and see that Michelle is not keen on Katie (Laura) asking too many questions at work.

A pod person on the run

The episode opens with one of the “pod people” on the run. He spits up the green goo reminiscent of the person in the pod that Bram’s friend opened last season. The guy puts up an excellent fight against the greyhats who clearly outnumber him. We have to wonder if his strength and prowess is natural or from some enhancement procedure.

Ultimately, the pod person is captured. It appears that he and other pod people are being held on some type of freighter on the water.

Changing bus routes

Katie is still shaken from finding the address of the Winslow family unoccupied last episode. She is met with resistance from her boss Michelle when she inquires as to their whereabouts.

Katie takes it upon herself to board Bus D under the premise of helping a senior passage. Passengers learn that their destination has been changed to Portland due to a housing shortage. The voice on the intercom claims that Portland is an exciting new opportunity.

The bus stops at some type of holding station with a crowd of refugees and another bus in view. The other bus is marked as Tranisitional Authority.

Michelle is again frustrated when Katie returns and asks her about Portland. Michelle suggests that Katie be thankful for her own placement and carry on with her job.

Snyder gets a “peek behind the curtain”

Snyder meets with Everett Kynes to learn more about his model for the Seattle colony. The Los Angeles colony is not repopulating at nearly the pace of Seattle.

Kynes agrees to take Snyder on a tour of Seattle. Everett talks about Seattle’s promotional efforts used to bring refugees to the location. He also shows Snyder a glimpse of some host technology he is using to grow food. It looks like some sort of hydroponics. Snyder reveals that Los Angeles is struggling to feed its much smaller number of residents. Snyder and Kynes take a boat to the outlier holding facility.

Back at his hotel, Snyder calls to report his general findings of the day. Then he uses a jammer to block the transmission and makes another call where he shares that he believes Kynes is not being completely truthful. Could Snyder be talking to Helena?

Will aborts

Will and Broussard catch up in a garage parking lot. Broussard invites Will to join him on a mission to acquire intelligence from a courier working for the Seattle Initiative.

Broussard introduces Will to Amy Leonard. Amy is not completely comfortable with Will’s ability to focus on the mission. She believes he is distracted with some sort of tragic event.

The threesome prepares to take down the courier and his security team and abscond with the mysterious briefcase.

Just as the courier exits the building, Will spots Snyder exiting the building with Kynes. Will tells Amy they have to abort and makes her exit the car. Will follows Snyder and Kynes and sees them get on a boat. The boat heads towards the facility with the pod people.

Amy and Broussard improvise

Meanwhile, Amy runs to the alley as Broussard sets a trap to disable the courier’s vehicle. Together they stop the vehicle, eliminate the passengers, and take the briefcase.

Broussard looks on from a distance as an elite looking group of law enforcement responds to the scene of the crime. He then returns home to Amy who is none too happy about Will bailing on the mission.

The two friends open the mysterious briefcase to find a strange pliable, bullet-proof material.

On the homefront

Bram continues to look after Gracie. The two talk about her trying out for the soccer team. Bram suggests a better school for her and tells her he may be getting a place of his own.

Bram receives a job on Community Patrol, but Katie seems nervous about it. Later Bram meets with girlfriend Meadow and we learn that perhaps her dad has a job in uniform as well.

Katie reaches out to Will telling him she believes something is indeed wrong in the colony. Will rebuffs her attempts to talk and leaves the house.

A serious revelation

Will meets with Broussard. Broussard wants to know why Will bailed on the mission. Will tells him that Snyder is in town and that it was more important for him to follow the former proxy.

Will says that Snyder will break easily. He suggests that they capture Snyder and make him talk. When Broussard asks why Will wants to help, Will reveals that after Broussard questions Snyder, he will kill Alan.

Food for thought:

  • Who is Snyder confiding in on the second phone call? Is it Helena or someone else?
  • Could Meadow’s father be Roger, the local Community Patrol Captain?
  • Will Katie continue her work as an advocate?
  • Can Katie and Will find a way to reconcile?
  • What color was that jacket Snyder was wearing? It was a huge topic of discussion on Twitter!

Colony returns with episode 3.09 next week. The upcoming episode is directed by Sarah Wayne Callies. Find out what she had to say about her directorial debut and the impactful episode in our recent interview.



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