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COLONY: Highlights from episode 211 “Lost Boy”

Published on March 24th, 2017 | Updated on March 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Colony takes an innovative storytelling approach in episode 211 titled “Lost Boy”. A tale of Bram colluding with the Red Hand is told from the perspective of six different characters Bram, Will, Maddie , Snyder, Katie, and newcomer Ambassador King.

As Bram joins the Red Hand for a tactical maneuver in the Green Zone, we get a bird’s eye view of what it means to fight, not merely escape, the Authority. The episode is long on action, suspense, and emotion leaving the viewer wondering who the real enemy is.


Bram pairs with a fellow Red Hand named Patrick. A small army of such pairs enter the Green Zone as day laborers. The Red Hand army opens fire on the Green Zone. Bram and Patrick enter one of the homes. As Patrick prepares to attack, the mystery resident fires upon Patrick instead. Bram stops in his tracks seemingly terrified of what has transpired. Will he run? Will he stay?

We pick up important pieces of the puzzle along the way. Here are some highlights of the different characters’ perspectives.


Will confronts Bram after learning from Charlie that Bram has been leaving the bunker at night. Bram implores Will to let him fight. Will explains that their goal as a family is not to fight the Authority, but rather to escape it. This is a key difference in ideology between father and son.

Bram also lies to Will in the exchange saying that Maya was killed for stealing at the labor camp. He does not reveal the true cause of her disappearance.


Maddie is enjoying a lounge poolside when she hears shots ring out in the Green Zone. She brings Hudson inside from the pool and tells him to hide. Bram shows up on Maddie’s doorstep in the Green Zone begging her to let him enter. Bram having just seen Patrick die lies again telling Maddie that he was just released from the labor camp and that his family had been taken from their home.

Maddie, Bram, and Hudson attempt to flee the Green Zone by car.  Maddie is stopped by a guard who questions her safety. He privately shares that young people posing as laborers are the attackers and that is why he is suspicious of Bram. She insists Bram is indeed her nephew and the threesome are allowed to exit through the gate.

Maddie peels out of the Green Zone and yells at Bram to “get out”. She means business. We suspect that Maddie believes Bram could be involved in the attack just as she knows his mom, Katie, has been involved with Resistance activity.


Snyder makes a visit to an Ambassador King in the Green Zone seeking his support against Proxy Ocala. King’s response is somewhat ambiguous but he assures Snyder that he wants success for the Bloc.

As Snyder heads to the next official on his list, he hears shots ring out as well. Snyder runs through the brush and hides until found by Redhats.

Safely back in Helena’s office, Snyder makes a key move in suggesting that Helena contact Nolan Burgess as a source of leverage against Ocala.


Bram finally makes it back to the bunker where Katie is anxiously waiting. Will returns to the bunker and lashes out at Bram for putting everyone at risk having to look for him. Katie finds blood on the drawing in his pocket.

Bram comes clean about blowing up the ship at the labor camp. Angry words are exchanged about Bram working with the Red Hand.

Bram opens up and shares about his day sharing that Patrick was shot and killed by the Green Zone resident they were there to attack. Will and Katie fear that Bram shot the resident, but Bram says that he could not do it.

Ambassador King

The final pieces of the puzzle come together when we see further events from Ambassador King’s point of view. We see King shoot Patrick. We see Bram around the corner. It turns out Bram could shoot the resident.

Bram had lied yet again. Bram kills the Ambassador, presses his hand against his bloody chest, and leaves the Red Hand calling card on the door as he exits.

Oh, Bram! So many lies!

Many fans on social media were both shocked and disappointed in Bram’s actions. But this is where Colony keeps the viewers both guessing and contemplating.

  • Who is the enemy? Is it the hosts? Is it the Red Hand?
  • Is escaping the Bloc really the answer if the RAPS are planing to wipe out the human race in a couple of years?
  • What is the best way to fight for survival?
  • What is Snyder’s end game?
  • Would Ambassador King really have been an ally to Snyder?
  • Who can be trusted?

The list goes on and on, but there are only two episodes left in Season 2 of Colony. Fans are desperately hoping for an announcement of a third season of Colony‘s very engaging story.

Fans can sign the #RenewColonyNow petition here to let USA Network how much they are enjoying the series.

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