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COLONY: Highlights from episode 209 “Tamam Shud”

Published on March 10th, 2017 | Updated on March 10th, 2017 | By FanFest

The latest episode of Colony brings more excitement and new alliances to the Los Angeles colony. 

It’s becoming more and more difficult for Will to play both sides of the fence, Occupation and Resistance. Bob is relentless in his pursuit to find dirt on Will. When a mystery plane flies into the Los Angeles Bloc and is shot down, everyone begins racing to find the surviving pilot.

Bob continues to torture and interrogate Emmett in hopes of burying Will. While Emmett does not turn on Will he does reveal information that suggests Katie’s involvement with the Resistance. Bob implores Bennett to take down Will. And Helena puts pressure on Bennett to find the surviving pilot.

A proverbial game of cat and mouse ensues when Will tells Katie about the radio found with the fallen plane passenger. He first memorizes and then scrambles the frequency. Katie and Broussard go to discuss the new intel with Hennessy.

Hennessy has been murdered and his bunker ransacked. Broussard and Katie find a short wave radio that makes an incoming call. The caller aborts the communication when Broussard is unable to provide the daily code.

Will also attempts to make contact with the pilot over radio at an appliance repair shop and says he wants to help. There is no response.

Will is taken into custody while attempting a meet with Broussard and Katie. He is able to tell Katie that the whole family is in danger before he is taken.

Bennett presses Will to give up Broussard. Will says he cannot do that. Bob tells Will that his children are being held. Will uses his ability to make contact with the pilot as a bargaining chip for his children’s safety. Will makes another call to the pilot on the radio and reveals that Hennessy is dead. This gets the pilot’s attention and she responds.

Meanwhile, Katie enlists Broussard’s help in rescuing her kids who are being held by Redhats at the apartment. The kids are stunned to see their mom burst through the door in full fighting Resistance mode.

Broussard and Katie take the kids through the sewer to Broussard’s and Morgan’s bunker.

Homeland organizes the meet at the park. Things are not moving as planned. When Bob presses Will to abort the maneuver, Will breaks a glass soda bottle, stabs Bob in the gut, and makes a run for it. Agents have him cornered when the mystery pilot comes to his rescue having seen him stab Bob.

Will arrives safely at Broussard’s bunker and the family is once again reunited. Finally, Will, Katie, and Broussard are officially all on the same team! Will and Broussard pair up to meet with the pilot, Noa, who reveals that “the real war is about to begin”.

Above ground, Helena tells Proxy Alcala the she is transferring some personnel from the the San Fernando Bloc to the Los Angeles Bloc. He disagrees and she quietly appears to oblige. But after he leaves, she picks up the phone and says “Get me Alan Snyder”. Mic drop!

I cannot wait to see the rest of this season unfold! USA Network has not yet announced a season 3 for Colony, so get out there on social media and tell them how much we want it. #RenewColony



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