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COLONY: Highlights from episode 207 ‘Free Radicals’

Published on February 25th, 2017 | Updated on February 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Colony episode 207 “Free Radicals” was both poignant and a game changer. Reveals abounded and fans have even more to fear for our characters now.

Caught “Red-handed”

We get a more in-depth view of the Red Hand Resistance group. The episode opens with a young woman, Frankie, who has been tasked with providing sexual favors to young men (seemingly dying ones) in exhange for them being suicide bombers. The deal is sealed with a toast using 2 small cups and liquor from a small box.

Homeland recovers evidence of Frankie’s involvement with the Red Hand Resistance group. Will and Bob are tasked with finding the young woman. Bob Burke puts the heat on her aunt and uncle to give her up. Bob pulls a loser move by threatening the couple’s grandchildren in order for them confess Frankie’s whereabouts.

Burke and Bowman, Bosom Buddies?

Definitely not. These two operate on totally different ideologies. Will accuses Burke of putting him on a short leash and things continue to be very prickly between the two.

Their differences become even more evident when they question Red Hand Resistance members at a home base. Burke lines up the members and begins shooting them one at a time when no one responds to his inquiry of who they work for.

Will on the other hand goes back into the house and finds another member of the Red Hand group. Instead of taking him out to the firing squad with Burke, Will lets the young man go.

They bring Frankie in for questioning, er, torturing. She is tortured until Will steps in to use a more tactful approach. He begins to make progress when she slips a patch of poison from her foot into her mouth and its too late to get more intel.

“File” this under shocking

Will agrees to Katie taking the stolen file to Broussard’s group for analyis. In good news, Morgan discovers that Bram is scheduled for release from the labor camp in six months. In much more disturbing news, the file reveals an increasing number of people being sent to the factory, specifically the point at which there are no more people.

Nolan approaches Maddie about the file that Katie stole. She does her best to deny involvement but then heads over to Katie’s house to confront her. Katie, knowing she is under surveillance cameras, denies involvement as well. Maddie also implores Katie to apologize to Lindsey.

Katie finds Lindsey at one of the Greatest Day facilities and asks her to return. In her usual creepy fashion, Lindsey tells Katie she was expecting her. Also creepy was the promotional video Katie sees of Nolan and Maddie singing the praises of the Greatest Day.

Meanwhile, Broussard meets with an audio engineer who reveals that the sound in the file represents a countdown. The first countdown was to Arrival Day. The next countdown is to human extinction.

Time to say goodbye

Bram and Maya share an intimate moment in a freight truck before Maya tasks Bram with stealing Snyder’s access card. Bram meets with Snyder and tells him that the prisoners are planning an escape, not that they are planning to detonate a bomb. The young Bowman snags the access card while Snyder meets with a staged Red Hat interruption.

Bram and Maya share a toast just like the one Frankie had with the suicide bomber, “To Liberty”. The pair uses the pass to access the shipment going off planet. They discover pods, one in particular with a woman in it. Maya opens the pod and the woman falls out choking on a dark green liquid.

Maya sends Bram back inside while she gets the bomb set. Bram encounters Sgt. Jenkins who is about to shoot him when Edison knocks Jenkins to the ground, presumably killing him.

Everyone watches from a different vantage point as a ship explodes in the sky. Bram asks Edison where Maya is. Edison reveals that Maya was on board the ship to detonate the bomb. Bram breaks down.

Back at The Yonk, Katie reveals the final countdown to Will.  They will become extinct in 2 years, 3 months, and 9 days. The two begin plotting their family’s escape, one that sounds like it may involve the Resistance.

There were so many powerful and disturbing scenes in this week’s episode of Colony. Our favorite characters are more at risk than we may have thought. Snyder’s job is probably on the line. And Will says he cannot bear to work for Homeland anymore.

Where do we go from here? Tune in next week for the next episode of Colony on USA Network.

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