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COLONY: Highlights from episode 206 ‘Fallout’

Published on February 18th, 2017 | Updated on February 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

This week’s episode of Colony certainly moved the story along at a very nice clip. We had a few game changers and, sadly, we also lost a “soldier”.  Let’s review!

United Front

Katie and Will seem to be forging a partnership again, working together on a shared mission, and flirting a bit as well.

Katie and Will have The Yonk searched for any surveillance equipment and it appears to be clean.  Katie enlists Will’s help in opening the file Katie stole from Maddie’s home. Will suggests he take it to work for review and Katie reminds him that the office is a “viper pit”. Will flashes his dimples and tells her he is a “snake charmer”. It appeared to be a bit of a flirtation and was nice to see a lighter moment from the pair.

Will does not have luck with the file at work when he learns that he no longer has system access to the computers. Betsy begrudgingly agrees to help him when Bob Burke arrives interrupting her work. Will surreptitiously grabs the jump drive and we do not see Betsy again.


The word “transferred” in Colony appears to have a very vague interpretation.  Each time someone is “transferred” out of the investigator’s office we do not actually see them working anywhere again. Hmm? What exactly does “transferred” mean when Bob Burke says it?

Much to Will’s surprise and disappointment, Bob thanks Will for “calling her out” in reference to Betsy. Calling her out for what? Bob says Betsy was “transferred” as well. Somehow I do not think this bodes well for Betsy.

Bunker Blues

The Resistance natives are restless, especially Simon Eckhart who has a bit of a meltdown over being stuck underground for so long. B.B. announces that he is making some good progress on the RAP gauntlet, but apparently his health is not faring nearly as well. B.B. is coughing up blood, sweating, and looking very weak.

Morgan takes the risk of going to find Katie at The Yonk to ask for help with B.B. She implores Katie to help knowing that a hospital is not an option due to their “wanted” status.

Katie calls Will revealing just enough to let him know that it is very important and to bring a car.

What’s up Doc?

Will and Katie drive to the Green Zone and track down a doctor whose kid used to play sports with the Bowmans. Will flashes his badge and tells Dr. Weisman to grab his bag.

The three travel to the bunker for Dr. Weisman to examine B.B. He announces that B.B. needs lab work so they go to Dr. Weisman’s old medical offices, which were seized by the Authority.

The doctor strongly suspects radiation exposure as the culprit and shares that B.B. has about 48 hours left, miserable ones at that.

Katie and Will drop the doc off at the Green Zone and let him go, but not before sharing some photographs of his involvement in the evening’s events, you know, for “insurance” purposes.

Will and Katie take B.B. to his home. Katie says goodbye and B.B. wants to talk to Will.  B.B. shares that he wants a “soldier’s death” and essentially asks Will for a mercy killing.  Will complies with a loud shot ringing out. (Wait, that might not be good!) RIP B.B.

Fun fact: Sarah Wayne Callies shared on her pre-show Facebook live event that the husband of actress Erin Way (who plays our favorite creepy tutor Lindsey) would be playing a guest role on the episode. Erin confirmed on Twitter that the actor playing Dr. Weisman is indeed her husband, Chris Conner.

A suspicious visit

Deputy Proxy Nolan Burgess visits the Labor Camp with his lovely lady, Maddie.  Maddie visits Bram and offers him a nice bag of food (Did Charlie find that stuff??) Bram shares that he would prefer a ticket out of there. But Maddie tells him it is not that simple and that there are rules. Oh, those pesky rules!

Nolan has other plans for the prison visit. He attempts to fraternize with his old buddy Snyder before asking to see the very top secret shipment that has arrived. Snyder tells Nolan that he is not authorized to show him. But, Nolan, you see, is not so worried about those pesky rules, suggesting that “friends” bend them a little. Snyder takes Nolan to the warehouse and opens a crate containing a pod-like vessel. Nolan is creepily pleased.

Meanwhile Bram is escorted by Maya into a room where other prisoners are apparently building a bomb. Bram is smack dab in the middle of this now. How will he manage all this intel between the prisoners and Snyder?

At your service

Really, try getting one over on Snyder. He always manages to have something in his back pocket! Snyder makes a call to none other than Governor General Helena Goldwin. He feels it is his “duty” to tell her about Nolan’s visit and his interest in the shipment. Helena is indeed concerned and Snyder assures her that he only showed Nolan one of the “empty ones”.

Face Time

You could hear a pin drop on the street when Will comes face to face with Broussard and gives him the shell casing from B.B.’s mercy killing. These are two very intense gentlemen. Will walks away and Katie gives Broussard a lecture about looking after the remaining engineers in the cell. She warns him to get his “house in order” before this all comes crashing down upon them. Meeting adjourned.

So, there you have it — a pod, a bomb, a fallen “soldier”, and a secret phone call.  What could be in store for us next week on Colony? An all new episode airs on Thursday, 2/23, on USA Network.

And if you are looking for even more in depth discussion of Colony, please check out my Talk Colony Podcast on iTunes!

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