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Christian Bale’s Thoughts About His Time as Batman

Published on March 4th, 2016 | Updated on March 4th, 2016 | By FanFest

We are weeks away from
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Yahoo sat down with the Dark
Knight himself Christian Bale

to talk about an upcoming film and while there they discussed his time under
cowl. Playing a
character as complex as Bruce Wayne presents its own set of
difficulty, then
adding that you have to wear a
Batman costume has to be
challenging to stay in character and maintain the
level of intensity that Bruce

Wayne/Batman require. The general consensus is that Christian Bale nailed
caped crusader though his
thoughts on the matter are a bit different:

didn’t quite manage
what I hoped I would throughout the
trilogy. Chris [Nolan]
did, but my own sense of self is like, ‘I didn’t
quite nail it.’”

reflected back on working with the late Heath Ledger who famously won the

Academy Award for Best Supporting
Actor posthumously for his work on The
Dark Knight

turned up, and just kind of
completely ruined
all my plans,” Bale said. ‘Because I went, ‘He’s so much
more interesting than
me and
what I’m doing.’“

Christian Bale will undoubtedly go down as one
the best to play Batman and we all
wait with bated breath to see if the
Batfleck will do as well!

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