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Christian A. Pierce talks ‘The Real Bros of Simi Valley’

Published on February 14th, 2020 | Updated on March 1st, 2020 | By FanFest

Season three of The Real Bros of Simi Valley drops today on Facebook Watch and co-creator and writer Christian A. Pierce is so excited for us to see it!

“Oh man, I keep telling people it’s bigger and better… and the stakes are higher. The drama with the characters is bigger. The Bros go international which is very rare since they hardly ever leave Simi Valley and there’s some heartbreak, love triangles and bro on bro heartbreak. It’s just bigger and better overall.”

This season will have 11 episodes that are each about 22-23 minutes long. Plus Pete Davidson is joining the cast! He plays a family member that we haven’t seen yet and according to Pierce, he killed it. “He’s hilarious. Every time he’s on set, everyone was clapping.”

“There’s a lot of jokes that we think are really gonna hit this season… but I will say we listened to the fans. We kept in mind what the fans like and what they were drawn towards. And we kept that in mind the writing process.”

The series is a scripted reality show but Pierce says he loves it and the dialogue

“The dialogue is where we have the most fun. Crafting the bigger plot points is harder and takes a little more brainpower but the dialogue is the most fun part because we know the bros in real life and we know how they talk and so we get to just really spice it up.”

Pierce is excited for viewers to see the new content and thanks Facebook Watch for allowing him and Jimmy Tatro to really explore the show and take risks.

“It’s been great having a network like Facebook who can back our creativity. We’ve always had funny ideas, we were making sketches on YouTube that we found, either hard or impossible to actually make happen… So to have a network on Facebook backing us now to help bring these ideas to life is really awesome.”

Junior High

Pierce has a new show coming out on Quibi soon. Quibi is a new platform that is set to launch next month. It serves bite-sized content that is 10 minutes or less.

“They’re putting real A-list talent and real A-list budgets behind 10 minute episodes for the first time, it’s never been done before like this, you’re gonna have a whole arsenal of shows with your favorite actors, directors, producers behind them… I’m really excited about the show. The show is super funny. It’s in development for years now.”

“We started this series on our YouTube channel back in 2014. And the first video was called 6th Grade Sleepovers. That essentially came from me and Jimmy, always having these hilarious conversations. We were reminiscing about weird, perverted stuff we were doing when we were like 12. We had initially, our whole lives, thought there were things that we had just done, in secret, but the more we talked, the more we realized we did the same weird, things as preteens. And so we did a video where we played our 12-year-old selves as our adult selves. And then we loved it and people loved it. So then after that, we did 7th Grade Sleepovers, 8th Grade Sleepovers, 5th grade Recess. And then that’s when we kind of saw the potential for a longer-form series. And so we wrote these episodes out, where the show is basically us playing our 12-year-old selves, in the year 2004, because that’s how we know to be 12.”

While Junior High doesn’t have a premiere date yet, Quibi will be up and running soon. In the meantime, check out The Real Bros of Simi Valley on Facebook Watch.

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