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Chris Pratt Warns Fans Not to be “Catfished” by a “Potential Predator”

Published on December 2nd, 2017 | Updated on December 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star (Chris Pratt) is warning his fans to not be fooled by a “Potential Predator” who is posing as him on Facebook and other social media outlets. On Thursday he posted in all caps “PERVY DUDE ALERT!!!” on his Facebook and Instagram pages and went on to post the following:

“Somebody is trying to pretend to be me on Facebook (and maybe other social media platforms) apparently hitting on a lot of different female fans, trying to get their numbers and who knows what else,” he wrote. “I’m not joking. Please know, I find this behavior reprehensible. If I find out who it is I’ll have their account shut down and seriously would like to punch them right in the GD mouth. You hear that imposter!? Stop. My message to any fans who are contacted by someone claiming to be Chris Pratt: Look for the BLUE “VERIFIED” CHECKMARK next to the name. If there is no check-mark by my name that person is an imposter. I’m sorry.”

He goes on to ask his fans to share this message with their friends, family and fellow fans. He goes on to say “It terrifies me to think someone could be hurt, their feelings or much worse, by this imposter/potential predator.”

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