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Chris Pratt and Charlie Day Posts Video to Mock Those Who Detest Chris’ Super Mario Bros. Character Voice!

Published on February 25th, 2023 | Updated on February 25th, 2023 | By FanFest

Despite the fact that people may not be entirely thrilled with Chris Pratt’s voice work in animated films, his treatment of his ex-partner and son, or even some of his other performances – he continues to press on. He understands that if he doesn’t comply with certain expectations from the public, things will only become more difficult for him. Hence why we see him soldiering through it all and willingly taking criticism head-on.

Chris Pratt and Super Mario Bros. Movie costar Charlie Day gave fans an exclusive sneak peek of Pratt’s voice for the upcoming movie, sharing a short video clip with viewers!

“TOP SECRET EXCLUSIVE hear the real, raw, unfiltered, and 100% authentic voices of Mario and Luigi like never before!,” he wrote.

The Mario voice was totally off, and it sounded like someone had just eaten a pine cone when he uttered his iconic line,”It’s me Mario”. But at least the person knew who he was trying to imitate.

Day, not wanting to be outdone by Pratt’s comedic performance, mimed his rendition of the legendary Luigi voice but without making any sound. It was hilarious! Both performers were incredibly witty and we can only hope that Pratt doesn’t ruin this beloved franchise with his mischievous antics.


The excitement for the movie continues to grow as each day passes, especially with Super Nintendo World’s grand opening starring Brie Larson. To add on to this thrill-ride of anticipation, Nintendo just revealed that the ultimate trailer for the film will debut ahead of its release date on March 9th! So get ready and mark your calendars – it’s almost time until we can all watch this spectacularly anticipated cinematic experience!

Are you ready to ride? The latest teaser image for the new trailer revealed some of our favorite characters, Mario and the rest of his gang, zooming along Rainbow Road – one of the most difficult racetracks in all Super Mario Kart series! Who’s pumped up and eager to join them on this wild adventure?

Get ready for the Super Mario Bros. Movie to take over theaters on April 7th!

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