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Chris Hardwick to the Haters of “Last Day on Earth”

Published on April 7th, 2016 | Updated on June 2nd, 2016 | By FanFest

Chris Hardwick is perhaps the biggest The Walking Dead fan out there. We can all claim the title, but he has earned it (Yvette Nicole
Brown, you’re a very close second! ). The host of Talking Dead held a live after show Q & A on Sunday and he had some things to say about the haters out there.

“The cliffhanger was not poor writing. Here’s what I would say. Just because you don’t see the purpose doesn’t mean it doesn’t serve a purpose. I think people need to stop projecting that onto, it’s not poor writing, it’s exceptional storytelling because you’re going to be talking about this for seven months and if you had seen who it was, how would that have changed things? … If this were a series finale, then
you might have a gripe, but you cannot say what has happened on this half of the season is poor writing. That is f****** asinine to say that.” – Hardwick.

Honestly it sucks to wait, the thought of not knowing for seven months is annoying and aggravating! I for one, agree with everyone that cliffhangers suck, but personally I also have to agree with Chris, this cliffhanger is NOT the result of poor writing.

“For this show to have these kinds of story lines and this kind of character development and this kind of drama this far into a series
where they still give a s*** is epic. It is not poor writing, it is the f****** opposite of poor writing and I will defend this show until I’m blue in the f****** face and my eyes are crying tears of blood. This is exceptional writing. You don’t have to like it, of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion but you cannot make a statement that’s some kind of attempt at an objective universal statement that the show is, I mean that’s just crazy. It’s your opinion, it’s not poor writing.” – Hardwick.

To watch the whole video, you can go to his Facebook page or just click here.


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